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Casting Ideas! Catherine Zeta Jones - Wonder Woman


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If anyone has the rights to a WONDER WOMAN movie or TV Series...


I think the following cast ideas should be considered :)


o Catherine Zeta Jones


The perfect look and body. But has a foreign accent on the negative side. And Welsh! :)


o Vivica Fox


If one wanted to re-make Wonder Woman to have more updated American feel... Also, fantastic. Already in the action drama biz with Kill Bill and Alias.


o Alyssa Milano


If one wanted a slighter younger demographic... Alyssa already a cult figure with the SciFi fantasy crowd.


o Jessica Alba


If one wanted an even younger demographic... But she's already "The Invisible Woman"


o Tia Carrere


If one wanted to re-make to update the American classic with an Asian beauty. It's been a long time since "The Relic Hunter"...


o Beyonce


If one wanted to POP STAR / MOVIE STAR, Beyonce would definitely fit into the Wonder Woman costume.


But let's never forget Ms. Linda Carter, every ones dream in that series.





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