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The Sarah Connor Chronicles...


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The Sarah Connor Chronicles is coming to FOX starring Summer Glau. It should be interesting.


Us Robot Builders and fans of the Terminator will be sure to tune in. However, I think FOX made not the greatest casting choice. I would have went with Yancy Butler. Looks like Linda Hamilton a little but is MUCH MORE FEROCIOUS PERSONALITY... :) Maybe there is hope for her.. In a future TERMINATOR SEQUEL... :)


You never know what kind of ROBOTS us robot enthusiasts have in our basements... :) It may be better than what the JAPANESE are builing these days...


From: IMDB


Tagline: This season a mother will become a warrior, a son will become a hero, and their only ally will be a friend from the future. more


Plot Outline: Set after the events in 'Terminator 2' Sarah Connor and her son John, trying to stay under-the-radar from the government as they plot to destroy the computer network Skynet in hopes of preventing Armageddon.





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