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Ann McMonagle goes on QEM and comes back JEWISH???


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'McMonagle' and ANN MCMONAGLE are not getting along.


Ann McMonagle appears to have "projected Munchausen" syndrome.


And complains to sons, daughter, neighbors, doctors, police and others about 'McMoangle'


She projects 'her mental illness' on 'McMonagle'


'McMonagle' helps around the house, goes to the store and trys to keep out of her way.


But ANN MCMONAGLE tells a 'much different' story to everyone else.


She doesn't tell anyone that she was COMMITTED to COLUMBIAN PRYSBETRYIAN HOSPITAL IN NYC in her 40's and was kept SECRET FROM THE FAMILY.


CATHERINE MCMONAGLE DURANDO confirms this recently in a phone conversation with 'McMonagle'


'McMonagle' complains to Dr Jacob Jacoby who both John and Ann McMonagle see...


That is she is "difficult" and "always complaining" about every little thing and "nitpicks" endlessly...


Clearly, a "conflict of interest" by Dr. Jacoby. Who just HAPPENS to run the Pyschi Ward of Bayonne Medical Center sponsored by Dennis Collins, Joe Doria, Herman Brockman and the FORMER BOARD OF DIRECTORS of BAYONNE MEDICAL CENTER.


Ann McMonagle goes on a trip on the Queen Mary II encouraged by AGNES JASOVSKY, wife of MASON Joe Jasovsky and DOTTIE FEKETY, "special friend" to MCMONAGLE FAMILY ENEMY - Dorothy Harrington.' And mother-in-law to PATRICK "The German MASON Dude" MCMONAGLE.


Upon returning, 'McMonagle' is SHOCKED when ANN MCMONAGLE enters the HOUSE.


She appears to look like "ANN MCMONAGLE" but appears to be VERY JEWISH LOOKING.


We doubt it is the "real" ANN MCMONAGLE but a SUPER ZIONIST IMPOSTER. :)


They are 'pschic' impressions of what happend to the "Real Ann McMonagle' but they are TOO HORRIFYING FOR PUBLICATION.


We hear that the "Satanist Illuminati AGNES JASOVSKY and DOTTIE FEKETY killed her on the Queen Mary II" but its just a "crazy rumor" and not confirmed.





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