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Think Of It As A Dream


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As you are all aware, according to Einstein, space-time can curve back on itself, which in theory will allow any time-traveller to double back and meet younger versions of themselves.


Thats been discussed in simple form and in forumla (I have noticed) very much on these forums.


But that situation can only be the case if there are physical constraints which act to protect the present from changes in the past. This is to do with constraints on quantum mechanics, even though that doesn't account for backward movement in time.


In layman's terms, if you know the present, you can't change it. If you had a relative and you travelled back, it is impossible for you to kill him so as to change the present. It is theorised (though some will say proven) that if you travel back to meet somebody you already know, then you will not see them, you will miss them a brief second before and thus not having the ability to change something you know of. The same effect of say having a dream or seeing people in your dreams with blacked out faces, the reason for the blacked out faces is explainable but not for this subject.


You'll never end up taking that path, as you know it to be true.


If you do not know of someone's existence you are not constrained and so your path is not blocked and you will be able to meet and interact with this person or people, thus in theory having the ability to change their path!!! Scary thought.


To this end we cannot change the people we know of or our own paths, yet we can change some unknown persons destiny and they in turn can do the same for us.


Interesting idea, which has been researched by scientists in the States, the UK and Austria - I don't want to spout on too much about the Titor affair, I have been reading and studying about him for a long time now, but this would then put into doubt his incredible story because he would never meet himself, his father or his mother as he knew them to be alive and therefore he had a constraint against him already. It would have to be someone else to do that for him????


That said I don't think time travel should be debunked entirely its something I am heavily involved in but it should always be approached with caution and an open mind.


I have seen so many people come onto these such forums and state that they are time travelling, who is to say they are lying, but I am yet to find anyone who can say that they have been decantrified for the purpose of such a mission.


Anyway hello to the forum, nice to be here



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Its 0700 hours here in the UK, I have just woken up and this dream or projection as you call it will mean more to the British readers than the international readers, but I regularly have weird and wonderful dreams which I always document.


I find myself in North Yorkshire at Catterick, which is quite strange as I am from the south of England. I don't have any idea what I was doing there but all I know is I feel slightly dazed, I can only see forward as a white bordering light covers the edge of my vision. I don't feel cold, yet I feel as though I have no clothing on, strangely I am unable to stare down and my eyes are fixed straight ahead.


I can hear voices all around me and I see lots of people in warm clothing, suddenly I notice the sunlight. Then I hear the pounding hooves as they race around the bend heading down the track towards me. Racehorses. The white border around my eyes is still there but I notice them race in front of the stand as I stand near the bottom of the steps. I check my watch and it says thats its half past midday, I'm confused.


As they approach the winning post I hear the announcer state that for the first race of the day the winner is Puy D'Arnac and I then see a jockey go whizzing by with a yellowish jacket and green and blue or purple hoops. A man turns to face me shaking his head, looking into my eyes he says "Well I had Fortunate Isle".


The light starts to drift away and then within seconds I feel a jump as I sit bolt upright in bed.


Be nice if someone could check this out and let me know later, I will be at work and have no interest in horse racing. Just as an experiment


Nice To Be Here



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