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Lucifer Project


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I am somewhat astonished this hasn't been mentioned in the forums here as of yet. How many here have even heard of the " Lucifer Project " ?


As the story is told, the Cassini Space Probe is going to drop into Saturn's Atmoshpere around July of 2008. The propulsion system is powered with Plutonium, and the theory is that there are scientists that are figuring that the reaction of the Cassini space Probe crashing into Saturns Atmosphere will ignite it, thus creating a second Sun in our solar system.


The story goes on to claim that by doing this, the moon of Saturn ( Titan ) will become suitable for habitation.


I have seen all kinds of techincal data on this "event", but was curious if anyone else has heard about this, or what your thoughts on an attempt to ignite Saturns atmosphere would be...




I know that the "news source " is questionable, but does the math add up.


Does the Space Probe have the potential to actually ignite the atmosphere of Saturn ?



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It is believed that for the past 40 years, the "intelligence community" or members of the "Shadow Government" has been "leaking information" to hollywood and the tv industry.


Let me call your attention to "Arthur C. Clark's 2010" and the movie released in the 90s.


About Jupiter imploding... And becoming a SECOND SUN in out solar system thereby making its moons NEW SMALL PLANETS to be TERRA FORMED, EXPLORED and RESOURCES REMOVED.


And the probe that was "crash landed" with plutonium was an ATTEMPT at an ATOMIC BOMB TRIGGER of such an event.


Makes you think doesn't it?





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