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Movie Review - "Charlie Wilson's War"


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Movie Review - \"Charlie Wilson's War\"


I just saw "Charlie Wislon's War"...


But from my "conspiracy point of view" and suspicious nature..


I find the following "revelations" in the movie quite "disturbing"..


FACT: Russia invades Afghanistan


FACT: Russia begins an "ethnic cleansing" of Afghanistan's religious tribal people.


FACT: America and the CIA do Nothing.


FACT: The CIA arm the AFGHANISTAN with "field rifles" and "rocket launchers" against RUSSIAN HIND HELICOPTERS with SOPHISTICATED ARMOUR PLATING to make things "look good". ABSOLUTELY INEFFECTIVE.


FACT: America covert ops budget was a mere 5 millions dollars against the RUSSIANS in Afghanistan. (Cocktail party money for the State Department.)


FACT: Congressman Charlie Wilson was admittedly an agent of "AIPAC" and "Israel" in Congress.




FACT: Admiral Stansfeld Turner of the CIA FIRED 3 THOUSAND AGENTS who were 1st and 2nd GENERATION AMERICANS. (Leaving mostly BRITISH DESCENDANTS in the "intelligence community.")


FACT: Israel supplies the "russian" AK-47 russian type weapons seized from their PALESTINIAN, EGYPT and SYRIAN lebonen actions for the COVERT AFGHANISTAN operation.


During the course of the movie, TEXANS convince Charlie Wilson to go to AFGHANISTAN and meet with the President and also visit the REFUGEE CAMPS.


Charlie Wilson goes on to build a 500 MILLION co-vert ops budget against the RUSSIANS and the AFGHANISTANS defeat the RUSSIANS who were credited in ENDING THE SOVIET UNION


(Charlie Wilson reveals that the 500 Million co-vert ops budget was the "biggest in history". So where does all these BILLIONS OF DOLLARS SUPPOSEDLY in COVERT and BLACK OPS go?)


But after RUSSIA WITHDRAWS from AFGHANISTAN, the congress and the "u.s. intelligence community" has NO INTEREST in building AFGHANISTAN SOCIETY and infrastructure.


So why did the TEXANS, An Israeli lobbyist Congressman Charlie Wilson and Israeli want a WAR IN AFGANISTAN to FIGHT THE RUSSIANS and ABANDON THE COUNTRY?


To make way FOR AL QAEDA? and OSAMA BIN LADIN? a RUMORED ROGUE N.W.O, Rogue CIA and Moussad Operative?


Good Question.





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