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Time Travel ?


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ok I'm very new to this site, just registered a few minutes ago, but I do have one question regarding time travel.


As some of you may be formiliar with the Multiple Universe Theory (For every choice/action, a countless number of universes are created). For instance...


I have to choose between eating an apple or an orange! This choice would create at least 2 universes. One where I ate the Apple, and another where I ate the orange.


ok why am I explaining this?


Simple. I decide to travel back in time to whichever time I choose! I essentially move from my time to the past to the time I picked. OK no problem! but wiat a second. If I decided to go back to that time, that place, wouldn't that mean that not only would I appear in that very spot, at that very moment, but a countless number of myselves from a countless number of universes would also appear at that time and place as well?


Let me go back to the orange and apple...


That one choice created 2 of me... one for each of those universes. Now suppose the very next second the two of us decide to go back in time. Just this decission alone would create a ton of universes, but let me keep it simple... at least one of myselves from both the universes would have decided to go back in time to the same place.


Now what would happen if a countless number of ME's appeared in the SAME place, SAME time. Would we instantly destroy ourselves? Would we instantly fill the universe with a never ending pile of me's?


What do you think?



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First you would have to consider the odds of that even happening. In your first example, you decide after a second more to eat the orange instead of the apple. You see, you are intending that you will all decide this all at the same time. That probability would probably reach infinity in value so it could never happen and so it never occurred because in the realm of the real reality, things never got to get to that point in time. That is when all time would Stop, and that seems highly unlikely, unless you think that someday any such human could actually acheive that. Do not tend to scare yourself. You may deny it, but in a sense that is what you really were doing. Even a mi-nute minute of differnce or a nanosecond of difference would change everything, and then all you stated would never have happened. Perhaps that could be a dream, but to me, that would never happen either.


I think in the end, that any such formula existing to figure any of that out would never have an answer. That is just perhaps the way the Universe is made in the first place - for it not to happen in the first place as well as only allowed certain things to happen. It is a limit, and the Universe seems right now to have limits. The limits can not actually give away or disappear. Just call it a Rule of the Word that defined this Universe in the first place. It gives a person Security then.



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Odds don't really play a factor in this though... for every outcome comes a new universe. Which basically means everything that can happen, WILL happen in some newly created universe.


So I make the dicision and we split into so many universes based on that choice! That still means that BEFORE that choice, only that one universe existed! So any moving BACK in time would result in how ever many of myselves in various universes created AFTER the moment I decide to go to in the past would essentially be going to the SAME universe that spawned them in the first place. now granted not all of myselves would go back to the same place, but just the choice of WHEN and WHERE to go back to would spawn a number of universes based on each choice, now how ever many ME"s made that choice, at least one of the ME's spawned from that choice would go back to the SAME time and place?


It's very confusing I know, but if you think about it it makes sense!



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To answer this question very easily is that


you will always choose the apple. The reason


why this is always the case is you don't


have free will. Free will is an illusion and


that is why we don't have multiple universes.


You choose a path in heaven you take but you can't


choose two roads up there, therefore you choose


the apple. Its that simple. :)



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this is very true. even when you try to throw life a curveball and pick something totally opposite of what your character would pick, it can be seen as destiny. but, as far as your question goes, hypothetically speaking, if you were all warped into a universe at the same spot and the same time, i imagine that would either hurt really really bad, or, make you a super king kong type. :)


the latter is doubtful.


and welcome to the forum. i like to make people think too. ;)



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So your talking about conservation of energy in which it


is neither created or destroyed.


What I do believe is ghost self can go off into different


time line (not universe) and explore different possibilities of the


future thus in the original time-line you will feel a bit drained


and not really here in other word a bit out of it. I think


we all feel that way from time to time don't we. Its like that same


feeling when you create software you can get a bit irritated some


times because your typing it up there and not down here, heaven


is the cause we are just the effect. This is my believe and may not


be yours so be it.



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Ya know that Stargate SG-1 had an episode about that very idea. It is in the Ninth Season, Disk 4, Episode 13: Ripple Effect.


Stargate Command is baffled by the sudden arrival of several virtually identical SG-1 teams.


General Landry (Beau Bridges) in the episode state that his Stargate Command is not going to become the Grand Central Station of the Multiverse. They turn back around 50 other teams while there are still some other numbered teams also similiarly landing there, and there is 18 SG-1 teams already there.


Also he states to another SG-1 team not comprised of the same members but comprised up of a couple of members that had already died in his parallel universe a couple of years ago whose own parallel universe is dying because of the Ori biological plague that he has the best minds from 18 parallel universes working on the problem to get them all back to their own parallel universe (meaning Samatha Carter the astrophysicist)(ah, forget her real name) and in the end they give this team the antidote because this parallel universe had just been through the problem.


But the first SG-1 team that ended up in his (Landry) parallel universe, is actually the SG-1 team that caused the problem in the first place making a mission to end up in a paralle universe so they could steal the ZPM (zero-point module) from Atlantis whos ZPM was keeping Atlantis cloaked and hidden from the Warth (spelling?).


So you can see that General Landry was already full of all the SG-1 teams that ended up making his Stargate Command the Grand Central Station of the Multiverse!





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Odds don't really play a factor in this though... for every outcome comes a new universe.

Actually, "odds" play a central role in this.Quantum physics is a statistical science analogous to, but quite different in its details and base assumptions, Classical thermodynamics. It is by it's very definition indeterminate and can only be explained through statistical analysis. The Many Worlds Interpretation is one of many quantum physical theories.



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Coldspell, good point and train of thought, your very point is why I've never believed in the unlimited universe theory based on choices, each universe would require an infinite amount of energy to be sustained, if in some bizarre universe multiple universes could appear out of nowhere based on action I believe the energy to sustain them would cease at some point if not immediately causing all false universes to fade and decay back into nothing, as they were seemingly created from nothing. Perhaps if practical time travel actually existed mortals would die attempting it every time. I've also always believed that if time travel existed it would be possible for immortals only.



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