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Time Travel and Remote Viewing


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Though Question to all:


Why there is no RV part on TTI?






-means Remote Viewing




-means Remote Influence


Remote Viewing:


-Is the purported ability for a person to gather information on a remote target that is hidden from the physical perception of the viewer and typically separated from the viewer at some distance.


-a form of extra-sensory perception.




Remote Influence


Is a label given to our ability to influence people and events using only our minds.


What if is someone try to "view" scientific data regarding Timetravel/time-machines, pods. etc.?


What if someone try to "locate" John Titor...in his timeline, past, present or future, his agenda, etc.?


What id someone is RI YOU to delay post or not post sensitive data regarding Time travel?


Answers Are Welcome!


Remote Viewing an Abduction (Part 1/2) Major Ed Dames


Part 2




Best Regards


Quoting User ID: 352772 regarding John...


" but am also open to the idea that the proof he was fake is government disinformation so your proof better be SOLID."





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Everyone now talks about Remote Viewing. Why not try drowsing for answer it really work good. Your mind can't play tricks with it. It all ways tells the truth if it desires to work for you. Another way of dowsing I heard some people do is ask a question and see if you can shoot a basket ball through a hope. If it goes though the question is true else the answer is no. If I remember the Egyptians tried doing this by shooting a ball though a small hole the winner would be killed and go to heaven. The way I dowse for answer is to try to balance a pen on it head if it stand up the answer is yes.


Here a you tube-video on dowsing




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Someone should setup a Remote Viewing


site just for remote viewing predictions


and call it Remote Viewing Institute.


It should not be that hard to do someone


here should have the motivation like HRDKID.


So what do you think. :confused:



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