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Another Tip for the "The Ladies..." - BASS PLAYERS


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Another Tip for the "The Ladies..." - BASS PLAYERS


Women usually go for lead guitarists in a BIG BIG WAY in AMERICA...


The "rock and roll groupie" stories are "fantastical" to say the least...


But you should consider the fact...


Right handed lead guitarists use the "left hand as their skilled hand"...


When they are RIGHT HANDED?


Doesn't make sense...


And when a man "caresses you lovingly" he uses his RIGHT HAND.


So its has "nothing to do with his guitar playing..."


Contary to "women's logic" that we playfully and lovingly call "Crazy Chick Logic" because it "makes no sense it based on women cabal voting of 'cool guys'"... :)


ATTN: Women of America...?


Have you thought about "finger plucking" BASS PLAYERS?


They use their RIGHT HANDS (and fingers...) TO PLUCK the bass strings and are VERY SKILLED RYTHMICALLY AS WELL... :)


I'm sure they can "drive you wild" in the right places... :)


You are with THE WRONG GUYS LADIES... TRY A BASS PLAYER and see if we are wrong... :)





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