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You Really Are A YouTube


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A correspondence to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTN3s2iVKKI


"Network (1976)"


Is it not insulting to know in plain sight that the worlds most powerful entity like google and youtube label you that now? No, it is not questioned but hailed upon. Billions of humans are entitled by deception and illusive granduer. So certain that they are doing the right thing. From people obsessed with owning stuff, appearence, being successfull, getting good scores at school, having enough friends, being social enough, being accepted, being the same as everyone else. You lose yourself through it. Degrading the most intelligent and powerful mechanism: the brain - from deciphering what really is true, artificial and false. Losing independece, potential, and privacy. The system marks the oblivion and introduces the oblivious. I am Cubikdice and I have stood up to this massive freak of Anti-Nature. The revolution is always. The coming of Mother Devine, is set and be.


R.I.P - In The Name Of The Inevitable; What Was Most Of Gods Creation, Now In Damnation!



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