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A new game. Are these "celebrities" REALLY IRISH?


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A new game. Are these \"celebrities\" REALLY IRISH?


We have been studying some celebrities who have "adopted" "irish sounding 'stage' names" and claim to be of "irish heritage..."


Let's see if anyone can prove if they are not of irish heritage are "misleading the American Public"


Feel free to add your own "favorite celebrities..." :)




o Regis Philbin - One of the "The Last of the Ratpack..." Philbin, Lawerance and Rickles...


(I hope the 'Jewish members of the Rat Pack' didn't kill the 'english and italian members' :)


o Mickey Rourke - Looks like an 'old italian' prize fighter to us...


o Sarah Jessica Parker - Why does she wear 'men's boxer briefs"? :)


o Conan O'Brien - We hear he fails the "Picture him with a Nazi Uniform" psychic test... :)


(He looks "a litle german" with "dyed red hair".... :)


o Denis Leary - Doesn't like to "talk about Conan". Why? Denis? He's your first or second cousin?


o John McEnroe - Looks irish but 'born in Germany'


o Sean Penn - "Specolli! Dude! An 'italian surfer dude' ordering 'pizza' to class?..."


o Bruce Willis - "Looks kind of irish. But looks alittle like Tommy "The Magneto Superman" Kane" :)


o Mark McGrath - Ah.. Maybe just a 'jerky irish guy' or 'evil turncoat' :)


o Andie McDowell - Well... I hope so.. I would be 'crushed' if she wasn't :)


o Mary McDonnel - Again... Would be 'crushed' :)


o Janine Turner - Well... She's looks 'irish' but she's a repulican. What a bummer.. Dudes! :)


o Annette Benning - Come to think of it. She's looks a little like EVIL SECRET AGENT BABE - Fran Fleming (Joe Sisk?)(Peter McMonagle?) Millici? So does Janine? Interesting... :)


o Michele Pfiefer - Looks irish. But has a "german last name". And looks alittle like EVIL SECRET AGENT BABE - Nora Fleming Sisk Cervera Ferrante Braden (Kevin McMonagle?) Parks Grasso Trump DeNiro Bush Clinton. She's had a 'couple of 'marriages'... :)


Well... Lots of 'celebrities' to use with this game... :)





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Are these \"celebrities\" REALLY IRISH? - DeNiro


Oh... We forgot our "favorite one" who claims to be "Irish..." :)


Our "greatest actor" in America...


Mr. Robert "Bobby Milk" DeNiro of Little Italy in New York, NY. Or Little Italy in NYC.




Get it?


And "Bobby Milk" was his "mob like nickname" from the "neighborhood". Because he is so pale and can pass for an "Irish person". :(


Here is his heritage... Background...




De Niro's father was a lapsed Catholic of Italian and Irish descent and his mother a Presbyterian-raised atheist of German, Dutch and French descent


We have been studying men and women of mixed Italian and Irish heritage...


We don't think its a great "combination genetically speaking..."


Because it allegedly and apparently produces "Crazy Evil Killers"... :)


But thats kind of "harsh"...


But we are building "databases" to support it...


And we are encouraging people of mixed heritage dating...







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A new game. Are these \"celebrities\" REALLY IRISH?


I don't know...


I think one "Irish" celebrity is about to fall...


His name...


Regis Philbin... One of the last of the "THE RAT PACK"... :)


Who always talks about Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx and Notre Dame...


You don't think he always talks about "Notre Dame" to convince you "he's irish"...


Because he MIGHT NOT BE... :)


His father is IRISH/ITALIAN and his mother is ALBANIAN...


Funny... When Jim Belushi, a famous ALBANIAN AMERICAN, comes on the show...


Regis never mentions it?....


Why is that REGIS???





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A new game. Are these \"celebrities\" REALLY IRISH?


We have a "new fake Irish celebrity" and her name is...


JENNY MCCARTHY of Playboy Enterprises.


She is really of German or Polish descent.


Allegedly from Dayton, Ohio not Chicago.


Playboy Enterprises publishers of Playboy Magazine create "fake bios, fake family histories, fake family photos and fake names" for their "Playmates".


It is usually done for "Playmates" of Jewish, German, Polish, Russian or Italian descent who have difficult sounding names that are hard to spell.


Also, they like to create "Playmate" "brands" "women" who sound "All American Girls" with Scottish, English and Irish sounding names like Smith, Jones or McSomething so they appear "All American".


Her bio was recently changed on Wikipedia.


Her being a "brown belt" in Karate was recently removed.


They dates of her "breast implant" removal was changing from January 1999 to 1998.


Her 1998 marriage to John Asher was "erased" and supposed "re-written" as a 1999 "courtship".


She married to John Asher years before 1999.


But their have been some "interesting" additions and changes to her profile that are much closer to the truth about "Ms. Jenny McCarthy".


There is much much more to learn about the woman who calls herself "Jenny McCarthy"


A "fake irish person" who "celebrity behavior and public persona" is "designed" to SLANDER THE IRISH RACE in AMERICA.







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