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Did anyone catch "Celebrity Apprentice" Last Night


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Did anyone catch \"Celebrity Apprentice\" Last Night


I'll drop "TheCigMan" routine for a moment...


And talk casually...


I was flipping through the channels?...


I came across "Celebrity Apprentice" with Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump and Donald, Jr.


I like to refer to it as I do American Idol or Dancing with The Stars...


Use the complete name...


"Illuminati Masonic Italian Mafia Protocols of Zion New World Order Celebrity Apprentice"


But Stephen Baldwin...


Who I believe is "some part french and maybe a little Irish"..


Asked Donald Trump the following?... I may paraphrase?


"Mr. Trump? Have you done anything to win or get ahead that included HURTING SOMEONE?"


And Donald Trump responded.


"I can't comment on that."


And went on to say...


"here on tv..."


Whoooaaaa! Mr. Trump


You are supposed to be a "smart business dude" with access to some "mean ass lawyers"...


(You know who were are referring to...: )


They never advised to say?


No Commment. Or "I can't confirm or deny." or REMAIN SILENT.


Mr. Trump?


We would like to advise you...


We believe you "admitted to some wrong doing (violent assualt and/or MURDER) on NATIONAL AIRWAVES under the jurisdiction of the FCC and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA".


Mr. Trump.


You may get a visit from a "Federal Agent" in the very near future...


We love "to know" how you "get along so well" with the "construction unions" and "casino unions"..


You seem to be "problem free" in that area...


Beside an "occasional worker" being blown off one "of your buildings"


Mr. Trump


We hope you "aren't killing construction workers"...


Mr. Trump


We love to see your "Eyes Wide Shut" guest list of "celebrities and the high society of america" at MARALAGO? In Florida?...


Mr. Trump


Send that GUEST LIST TO THE LOCAL FBI OFFICE. :) You can "fax it" :)


Mr. Trump


I think you are "in trouble..."





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