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Purported Message/Warning from Young Alien


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I am at this moment typing on a computer in my father's (he thought) impregnable office. He is on an assignment but I noticed where he stuck the key. I am sending this email to someone my father has a file on, so I know that this person is on many UFO/Forbidden History boards. In the short time I have while he is away, I plan on revealing heretofore secret (to most humans) information. What I am doing is a serious transgression, but I am already under punishment, and scheduled to be sent back to Abra in a few days, a story I may get to in a bit. My father is very upset because he has to leave his job here to take me back, and may not return for 'The Events.' You should know in front that I, like a sizeable minority on Abra, have sympathy for you, and object to what has occurred here, and will occur.


Now that I'm about to jump into this pool, I find myself shying from the ledge. But we have a saying on my world which translates as "The river of truth is filled by tears." (Yes, such a happy people are we.) My sense of these forums is that they are populated by sincere seekers of the truth, most of whom just want to know what's what, and who have the courage to face anything. Well, hang on dear searchers, here comes a big dose of "anything."


In the next several years, culminating in 2012, there will be a series of cataclysmic events, mostly of a "natural" sort, but some of those not natural but rather designed or intensified by my planet's people, working with some other races. (I will refer to them as "The Combine.") The horrific agenda is quite full, and starts with a devastating fly-by of a large planetary body which causes severe earthquake and supervolcano eruptions (primary: Yellowstone) as well as two CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) which fry the respective hemispheres. Let me explain that the sun will then be at solar maximum anyway, and further agitated by the cosmic particles in this space zone. So the sun will be incited into unprecedented solar ejections by the passing of this planet, but the Combine ships plan to engineer the timing of the CMEs to affect, strategically, both hemispheres..


Then, proceeding in an order not entirely clear to me, there will occur a magnetic pole shift and a flood nearly as big as the biblical one, caused by the ice cap sliding into the ocean. At some point during all of this, there will be a large asteroid impact into the sea (this is Toutatis, and it has been 'aimed') which causes a massive tsunami. Oh, and at some point Earth will probably stop spinning for a few days. The end result, in terms of victims, is that all will be killed except around 100 million of you. I've heard my father refer to these as the 'pesky little rats.'


My only recommendations to you for survival is to get as high as you can and still be near a fresh water source. Cover the roof of your dwelling with lead or a few coats of lead-containing paint. It's best if you burrow down, because there will be extreme solar radiation and the atmosphere mightl become stripped temporarily.




end quoted from


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Best Regards


Nibiru Orbit -Nasa -



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By Michael Dargaville


When President George Bush Senior gave the nod for USA led forces to butcher more than 300,000 young teenage Iraqi men in the early 1990s, he called this "war" the New World Order. Of course this was no war but a "blood fest" where the Iraqis had told Bush just weeks before they would leave Kuwait but Bush decided to go ahead and kill these helpless soldiers. Only 50 Americans lost their lives in that so called war, most of them in friendly fire.


The current crisis of another American invasion led by his son is also part of the New World Order agenda. Behind this New World Order are 13 corporate families —some of the richest in the world?which includes the Rockefellers and Rothschilds but also the Morgans and others. These families, all multi-billionaires, are called the Illuminati, and are currently running scared of an organization called the Galactic Federation of human aliens who are in space ships surrounding this planet and demanding change.


These Illuminati families want to impose and maintain "super capitalism" and with it their de facto world government. This alien organization —called the Galactic Federation?also wants a world government but they want it based on the opposite of super capitalism. The Galactic Federation want an open democratic socialist government where all peoples live in freedom, wealth, abundance and love and certainly don't support the concept of a handful of billionaires running the planet.


The two main areas of the world opposed to the Illuminati families are China and some countries in the Middle East plus the huge protest movement of the western world and Third World. When David Rockefeller would visit Argentina to see his companies mass riots would start.


These Illuminati families completely know the agenda of these friendly Galactic Federation aliens who have come to our shores to support this planet into a better future. But these Illuminati families worked for evil and bad aliens called Zeta Grey aliens, these aliens have been eradicated by the Galactic Federation in the past few years. These little Grey Aliens did genetic manipulations on Earth humans and worked closely with the American Government through the auspices of the Illuminati. The Zeta Grey aliens in turn worked for the Reptoid aliens who had a base on the moon which used psychotronic weaponry on this planet.


Psychotronic weapons can change the way people think by converting sound into electro-magnetic frequencies and can also cause earthquakes through scalar waves and caused the Kobe Earthquake in Kobe in Japan in 1994 where more than 30,000 people were killed. Many governments use psychotronic mind control weapons and have for years. The killer of the world famous singer John Lennon was given mind control psychotronic weapons back in 1980. The scalar psychotronic weapons which can cause earthquakes were done through a USA base in Pine Gap, Australia. The Second World War and the fall of the Soviet Union were caused by Reptoids on the moon using psychotronic weapons.


The Illuminati never knew the full agenda of the Greys and did not know about the Reptoids. The Reptoids can shapeshift into human form and look like lizards in their original form. They cannot shapeshift their pupils in their eyes which remain star like. The 6000 Reptoids on the moon have subsequently gone, although 200 still lurk on our planet.


The Illuminati have established worldwide networks which have essentially made up a secret government on this planet. These networks include the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg [or Bilderberger] Group. These organizations are Illuminati front organizations and make up a world secret government, completely undemocratic and fascist and support super capitalism.


But in the past two years the Galactic Federation of good aliens has destroyed all the negative aliens in the solar system or at least their power. Thus, the change in the past couple of years has been immense.


The Illuminati had worked with the Grey aliens as well these ones with the USA Government which did a deal with the Greys in the 1950s. At some of the first meetings with the Greys following the Grey alien crash in Roswell in the USA in 1947 was David Rockefeller himself. Thus, the current Bush Administration is being used as a front for these Illuminati families to continue their world domination. The Galactic Federation have said that they could destroy the Illuminati at any time but want them to literally "give up their weapons" of their own free will. The party is over for these evil families who have caused SO much hardship and hurt on this planet. And indeed, most New Age leaders say that the Reptoid/Grey Alliance is led by the Devil himself or Archangel Lucifer. So these evil Illuminati families worked for the Devil either unknowingly or, in many cases, knowingly —through satanic cults and other areas that are extremely well documented. However, the Galactic Federation is led by Archangel Michael who has been fighting Lucifer in a war for tens of millions of years.


Countless writers have been writing about this agenda for a long time. David Icke is one of the more well known writers in this area plus Galactic Federation spokesman, Sheldan Nidle. But you generally don't see any of this in the corrupt western capitalist media because, of course, they are all owned by the Illuminati. In fact the Illuminati own 97 per cent of all the western capital assets and thus control the Military-Industrial-Entertainment Complex of the Western world. The evil international media baron Rupert Murdoch is bankrolled by Chase Manhattan which is owned by the Rockefeller family who also owns the biggest company in the world, Exxon Oil. The Bush family is, of course, intimately linked to the Illuminati through years of deals and negotiations. The Bush Administration's drive into Iraq is mainly the work of the Illuminati. The Illuminati also staged the terrible tragedy of September 11. It had nothing to do with Afghanistan. The whole mess we see at the moment in what could be another "blood fest" in Iraq, to use internationally respected but perhaps Illuminati propagandist left-wing journalist John Pilger's words, is not about oil. It is about aliens. The push into war by Bush and the Illuminati is about their fear of the Galactic Federation. Yet at the same time there are forces within the American Military Industrial Complex that ARE supporting the Galactic Federation because, in fact, they protect some friendly aliens who live on this planet. So in fact there is also an international war going on within the Military Industrial Complex.


This last cabal —the Illuminati?refuses to give up their illegal control of this planet. If they give up their power and wealth, things will change very quickly —people would be pulled out of poverty. Currently more than 40,000 children die each day through Third World debt as a result of the Illuminati war on common people. The Illuminati use the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund [iMF] as their organ to get their multinational companies into Third World countries which they then rape and pillage. The World Bank and the IMF provide the shock troops for the Illuminati. The Illuminati have had for years top contacts with the Military Industrial Complex by supplying arms for most of the world's wars. But now things have changed dramatically in the past few years. All of a sudden the Illuminati know that their days are up. And they are totally desperate and would do anything.


Not only are the worldwide Anti-globalization Movement and New Age Movement fighting the Illuminati but also many Third World countries. In the New Age Movement, millions of people follow many non fundamentalist Hindu sects such as TM, Siddha Yoga, and from Sahaja to Sai Baba. Sai Baba has a following of millions and can teleport through the speed of light and does many other remarkable paranormal phenomena. He is known as the Cosmic Christ and does not come from this planet. In the New Age Movement there is also a wide belief that the returned planetary Christ called Maitreya is on the planet supported by Ascended Masters whose headquarters are in super energy in China in the Gobi Desert in a place called Shamballa.


In new theoretical physics once energy is faster than the speed of light super energy is produced. Both, energy (e=mc squared, mc2) and super energy (e=mc4), are produced by Mind or Thought or Consciousness. This is a form of philosophical Idealism which was not just postulated by philosophers such as the Germans Hegel and Schelling but also widely in Hinduism and Buddhism.


Within the New Age Movement millions widely believe in the Galactic Federation with thousands of writers claiming to either channel information or to have actually met aliens with information.


Galactic Federation aliens have said that September 11 in New York and Washington was done by Illuminati families to keep the confusion going.


Galactic Federation aliens come here in three ways: by spaceships, as walk-ins or are actually born here and spend their incarnation here. The Galactic Federation says that all humans in the Galaxy come from the Vega Star system and were developed there 7 million years ago. About 5 million years ago a Galactic Federation was formed as humans traveled in space ships throughout the Galaxy and set up colonies on thousands of different planets. Thus, our entire galaxy is populated by humans who look like you and me. We can have sex and reproduce with these human aliens. Some of their planets are made up of oxygen which means that we could live on them. All Galactic Federation aliens say that the first human colony on earth was Hyperborea 2 million years ago. This lasted for 1 million years and then was destroyed by Reptoids in 1 million BC. Reptoids then interbred with Earth humans and we became a hybrid human race with 87 per cent human genetics. The Galactic Federation came back about 900,000BC and founded Lemuria while Atlantis developed around 500,000BC. Lemuria was destroyed in war around 50,000BC while Atlantis was destroyed about 20,000BC. This is widely accepted by most New Agers and certainly by every New Age leader.


Thus, we have been fed a pack of lies by Illuminati controlled media outlets wanting to keep us in the dark. At the same time the Illuminati have been fed a pack of lies by the Grey Aliens as well as has been the American government. Also, both groups have been controlled by the Devil or Archangel Lucifer. Also, it must be pointed out here that indeed some Illuminati families were shapeshifting Reptoids. Many top New Age leaders have asserted that the Rothchild family has reptoids in its members. In the past two years secret Galactic Federation aliens have been eliminating the Reptoids from this planet.


The Iraq invasion has been one of the most vital tests of strength for the Galactic Federation and her allies - who make up legions of former Illuminati members who are now well and truly disillusioned by the evil they have caused . What happens in the next few months is of vital importance for the entire planet yet it now apears obvious the last dark cabl are totally finsihed as new secret deals with Galactic Federation allies have been made and Bush regime officals are facing the prospect of War Crimes . The Galactic Federation was of course clearly against any invasion of either Iraw or Afghanistan and wants the USA to butt right out of world affairs and fix up its entire infrastructure which has been decimated by the Illuminati.


The Illuminati control most of Hollywood so their propaganda unit is one of the best in the world. The war now is very much in the minds of the peoples of this world and the Illuminati have an agenda of telling lies to keep their power.


The Galactic Federation have said that China and India may be the first countries to tell the full story of what is happening in their media and then other countries may follow. The Galactic Federation has said that China will be leading the world in space technology along with India to build spaceships to travel to other star systems. They have said this will happen within 10 years. The ships that will be built will have crystal bio-energetic computers which can receive telepathic communication from captains. This is how ships travel through the speed of light. The captains give a telepathic message to the computer which gives the message to the fields of super energy which puts the ship in a new solar system of its choice. Each spaceship can pick up super energy on their computer using a sound or music system (but not using singer Phil Collins, OK?) and they just navigate the ship into a strong field of super energy. Of course super energy is also the key to understanding Archangelic energy. Each Archangel has a trillion units of power (or angels) in super energy. Thus they can impinge on energy profoundly and change events in this world. (A friend of mine literally went through another car in a head-on car accident because her car and her body changed into super energy at impact).


Reptoids are virtually immortal while Grey aliens live for about 200 years. Within the Galactic Federation human life spans range from 30,000 years with the Arcturians, who are virtually immortal, to the Sirians who live 5000 years to more than 500 human planets who live from 200 to 400 years.


The Galactic Federation wants to see a world government developed in Canberra, Australia, (the crown chakra of the world) led by the Chinese Government and supported by the Indian and American Governments. This would be based on open democratic loving spiritual socialism. Each country would maintain their unique individual sovereignty, languages and culture and all countries would be totally respected. No nuclear weapons would be allowed whatsoever.


The Galactic Federation says Earth cannot officially join the Federation until there is a provisional world government.

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