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HAARP / Ascension Island and The Proteus Accelerat


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Fair Quoted:




Ascension Island, St Helena


Latitude: 7°56'24.39"S


Longitude: 14°21'29.55"W


[link to earth.google.com]


Proteus Accelerator at Montauk


Latitude: 41° 3'55.17"N


Longitude: 71°52'32.30"W


The main function of HAARP is as a component of a massive interconnected grid system...


The Fax:


N.U.S.C./N.U.M.A. J.C.S.


1455 Overlook Ave,


Washington, D.C. 33902


Office of The Director of Security


01 April 1998


To All Security Operatives, Sector EC/NE/48+I


It has been confirmed as of this date, that a failure of the H.A.A.R.P. 15-3 Proteus Unit at Ascension Island U.K. had lost it's targeting control during it's first operational trial. The accelerator was damaged at shutdown, and will not be operational until 12 June at the earliest.


This failure went undetected for approximately 17 minutes, and appears to have caused another series of dimensional rifts along the East coast of the U.S. and Southwest Africa. These dimensional rifts are x- dimensional and have a time frame of -100 million B.C. plus or minus about 20 million years.


As was the case in 1995, several predatory reptillian animals have entered our y-dimension and are as this is written, freely roaming in the Southern New York region, Northern Pennsylvania, West Virginia and a possible sighting ocurred this morning at 2:34 hours at Norfolk N.A.S. 150 meters off the beach.


All operatives are officially at level 4 alert, and are to be ready to go on 60 minute notice. (DOOTP) article 15-1 through 17-4 with all addendums are to apply.


Weapons are to be available at all times, .40 and .50 caliber minimum, with FMJ and EHP rounds only, minimum handgun to be carried .357 MAG/EHP.




Director of Field Operations,


Adm. Raymond D. Falvey III


CC: DCM/NOS/USAF/DOD/SS/QCD=Adjutant Generals Office, Pent. R-6-106/9c


All Pathway Field Officers/Terminators(orders are terminate NOSAVE)






Link to GlP




Fair Quote:




Some more background history...


October 1993


The Interchange Experiments of 1988 went exceedingly well until I directed the Interchanger to bend the event pattern commonly known as gravitation. At that time, there was a catastrophic collapse of the isolation field surrounding the first Interchanger. Like the first Interchanger, this new one is also capable of entering into a state of electromagnetic resonance with planet Earth. Unlike the first one, it is more durable in that no motors or gears drive it. It floats and moves on a cushion of air. The new Interchanger is capable of withstadhg the tremendous pressures that will be brought to bear.


One of the requirements for bending gravitational event patterns is the slowing down of an electromagnetic field's propagation rate. The Interchanger is designed to do this on a local level with the result being a literal crack in the space/time continuum. Once the crack is established, sending a sudden and massive surge of electrical current through the Interchanger will be like hitting a fissure in a rock with a large hammer. The domain of which the Interchanger is a part will be shattered and the electromagnetic field around the Interchanger will isolate whatever is inside the field from the rest of the planet. In other words, the area around the Interchanger where the electromagnetic field is stronger than the field emanating from the Earth will be under the influence of the phase-shifting Interchanger and not affected by the Earth domain. The Interchanger will, in effect, become a portal through which we can traverse time and space.


Theoretically, this is what is expected to happen. The ramifications of a mishap are totally unacceptable to us. We therefore are in the process of setting up control systems to monitor and if necessary, deactivate the Interchanger.


The Interchanger was completed and tested in the Spring of 1993. Its electromagnetic field driver was finished by mid-summer. The Interchanger and Driver will not be combined until all peripheral systems are in place. These include monitors to indicate the Interchanger's velocity, field intensity, and degree of phase shift. A large capacitor bank is now in place and the control circuitry for the precisely timed surge of current is nearly complete.


The projected time of completion for the other peripherals is the Spring of 1994. At that time, we will begin the experiments with our initial focus being the control of gravitation within the immediate vicinity of the new Interchanger. I want to make it very clear that the Interchange Experiments have nothing to do with anything that Nikola Tesla did. The Interchange process may also appear on the surface to be similar to the "Philadelphia Experiment" but in fact the Interchanger is a horse of a different color. Our ultimate goal and the technical means of achieving it are worlds apart from anything done by Tesla or the Department of Defense.


For this reason, what Nikola Tesla did and what supposedly happened during the "Philadelphia Experiment" should not be used as examples of what might be expected to happen during the Interchange Experiments. In essence, this will be a journey into the unknown."


end Fair Quote




GLP link




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