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The Bourne Fighting Method - Specifically Kicking?


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We see the Bourne Fighting Method in the Bourne Movies...


Mr. Bourne supposed has "above average reflexes" and sometimes "clairvoyant"..


He can "sense danger" like Spider-Man's "spidey sense"... :)


But there is another thing he does...


This "kick and sweep technique" and it usually involves "kicking the knee or shine area to break or hurt the leg"...


We have seen this before...


Guess Where?


In Bayonne, N.J. 07002?


Guess When it was introduced?


The mid 1970's.


In an ARMY/NAVY Town among "street gang like groups of teenagers"...


I guess the "army taught these guys this technique"


That's child abuse U.S. ARMY!


We are not "happy about it..."


You see The Evergreen Boys also known as the "The Cottage Street" boys...


Demonstrated this technique to someone...


Guess who?


Mr. John McMonagle


He found it "fascinating..."


Supposedly these guys were "bad news" as they say "and no one really ever messed them..."


He found that "odd too..." since all these groups were "battling it out..." in Bayonne, N.J.


Even older groups versus teenage groups...


The town is "that bad..."


The members of these groups ROBERT WASELEWSKI, BILLY WASELEWSKI, KENNY CAMPBELL, DANNY CAMPBELL, PAT WALSH, PAUL BONOMO and even JOSEPH SISK - Nora's husband was an 'associate'


The Israeli MOUSSAD will tell you that "Jason Bourne" really uses "Kraw Magaw"...


He doesn't.


It's a lie.


He's really an 'superhuman like fighter'... with superior reflexes... but no apparent 'knock out' punching power...


We know people that have 'those powers with the knockout powers'


Even 'send people across the street flying powers' like the 'comic books'... :)


And Mr. Bourne uses a "terrible dirty fight technique" this "kicking..."


IT's "no good" people.


And as for the Israeli Kraw Magaw Fighting Style?


Didn't anyone tell the Israeli that the "human elbow has a nerve center"


If you use this "elbow fight technique" you could easily "stun your arm" into numbness and have it become "useless"


We recommend "boxing" and "Akido" :)





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South American Savate? Kick dancing Karate?


No... Ruthless.


Its comes from Evergreen and Cottage Streets of Bayonne, N.J. 07002


And the "NSA/DIA/CIA/Evil Nuts" at the Bayonne Military Ocean Terminal (ARMY/NAVY) Base?


I'm almost positive...


By the way, Ruthless...


Please provide a "link" to your post about "Mr. McMonagle" being a "cia hacker"...


We can't find it now on the board...


Or "repost it" if necessary...


We would like to respond to your "libelous" (and/or slanderous accusation). "Slander" because this a "discussion based bulletin board" (they law is "murky" on this one.)


We hear you "Indian Irish" "dudes" might be "evil" like ah... CHER. :)





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  • 1 month later...

I watched "The Bourne Identity" again...


And watched the "Special Features" documentary section...


The "Bourne Fighting" style is...


Filipino Kali...




Not "Krav Maga"...


Sorry... Israeli Defense Forces... Mossad... :)


Thanks! Phillipines! :)


But those "Cottage Street" boys? Where did they learn that stuff... :)


But we still love boxing, street fighting and Akido... Combined with "Zen Buddhist" mental imagery... :)





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