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The GOLDMAN SACHS and the ITALIAN MAFIA conspiracy


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We have "devasting news" news for the financial markets in the United States and the world!...


It has been "discoverd" that there was a "secret managing director" at Goldman Sachs...


He was from?


Guess Where?


And one of the "Guess Who's"?


Yes. One of the "Boys of Bayonne - The Wizards of Wall Street"...


Was one of these "Italian secret managing directors" of GOLDMAN SACHS...


He name is NEIL DESENA of the CLASS OF 1982.


The "Illuminati Class of Bayonne High School..."


And he would tell people he sold "Real Estate" in Manhattan to people in Bayonne, N.J.


And he was "never mentioned in the local papers" like the Jersey Journal (Political Machine PRAVDA) like other "financial whizs" like ANTHONY TERRACIANO of Chase Manhattan Bank, Mellon Bank, Fidelity Bank, etc..., etc...


We wonder how close "MR. DESENA" worked with "Mr. Jon Conzine"...


And it seems MR. NEIL DESENA, SR...


Intimated the "Bayonne City Council" meetings, a former council person himself with Dorothy Harrington by sitting in a seat that was display on the local cable station No. 78 in accordance with NJ SUNSHINE STATE LAWS.


It was to "send a message" the ITALIAN MAFIA CONTROLS BAYONNE.


He would sit near the "top of the screen" on the right side middle of the City Council meetings.


He was there...


When he wasn't at his "summer home" in the "IRISH COMMUNITY OF AVON,N.J." and "drunk off his ass at the bar..."


Quite "a guy" that "NEIL DESENA, SR" and "JUNIOR" is "another horror show..."





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