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We have "learned" from one "super secret field analyst"...


That is was revealed to him that one song could be "evidence" of MUSIC INDUSTRY MIND CONTROL in POP MUSIC...


He was told to listen to Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun..."


He was asked "Don't you hear it?"


He said "Hear what?"


The song... It's really saying "Girls Just Wanna Butt F*ck..."


And then he could "hear it".. for himself...


He said "Oh my god... All the girls who hear this song will get into 'anal sex'"


This was "discovered" in the Mid 80s in music...


We are looking for "other evidence" as well...


We don't know yet how to "categorize it"...


As "word framing" (meaning your mind fills in the words) or "post hipnotic suggestion" and/or "word framing" or "sub-limal mind control"...


What was once a "very taboo" sex act...


Is now "common place" in America... among homosexuals and HETROSEXUALS.


And we have some good ideas where they come from...


1) The Illuminati and Super Zionists in the Entertainment and Music Industry


2) Frank Sinatra and Eva Gardner - The Hollywood "Sex Scene of the 50's and 60's"


3) Celebrity Discos such as "Studio 54" and "underground sex clubs"


4) Cyndi Lauper and her song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun..."


5) The Porn Industry that is rumored to be "mob controlled"


Some "heritage" background on Ms. Lauper... Sounds "french" ITS NOT.




Early life and pre-fame


Arguably one of the bigger female stars of the early MTV era, Lauper was born in Brooklyn, New York, and was raised in a rough area of Queens.[1] Her parents are Fred and Catrine Lauper. Her mother uses the stagename, "Catrine Dominique" for the music videos she has starred in. [2] Her father was of German and Swiss descent and her mother was Italian American (Napolatana, precisely).[3] She has a sister (Elen) and a brother (Frank/Butch).


It seems "some evil people" wanted to promote "anal sex" and we don't believe it is "good for you on a metaphysical basis"





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