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Time Travel for $19.95 on eBay.com


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Time Travel for $19.95 on eBay.com


You are purchasing a travel voucher that schedules a timestream relocation pickup at a time and date of your choosing, for a trip into the future where time travel technology exists. Sign up now and get on the waiting list. Each travel voucher is a ticket to exploring the infinite possibilities available in time relocation.


Staggering Implications and Capabilities


Experiment with different futures and realities


Relive any high point in your life over and over again with no restraints or limits.


Achieve immortality by circumventing your own death by choosing an infinite variety of new time coordinates.


Alter your personal history by identifying specific time coordinates and making different real time choices.


Get ringside seats to the creation of universe...find out if there was an Atlantis.....did we evolve from the ape?....will earth become uninhabitable?....where else in space will earthlings settle?


Imagine traveling back in time to witness the events that changed history.


Meet yourself as a child...


For questions call 800-658-5883


Or email - [email protected]


A travel voucher will be sent to you in the mail documenting the pickup date, time, and coordinates. Upon the receipt of payment, your information will be entered into our computerized registry and tracking system which logs your request along with a unique registration code.


Basic Premise


Time travel technology is available in the future. The future is not yet here, but once it is, and time relocation becomes available, with this purchase and contract in place, you will be escorted into that future with the option of relocating and inserting into any moment in the timestream.


If the future includes mastering time relocation technology, why haven't people come back to visit you may ask? The simple answer is we haven't invited them to do so which is what this program is designed to resolve. Our records will be not only archived for posterity, but made available to future generations.


IMPORTANT - By purchasing this travel voucher you are signing a legal document giving future generations permission to whisk you into the future, in the future.




1 -You select the time and place for pickup. Pickup preparations and the actual pickup location must be kept confidential. You will not be picked up unless you are alone, unmonitored, and isolated, preferably in a room by yourself.


2 - Provide exact coordinates commonly used in your time/space location. GPS coordinates are preferred but not essential. The pickup crew from the future will scan your surroundings prior to transfer and if you do not meet these conditions, they will abort the process. It is imperative the instructions outlined below are followed or the contract is void.


3 - Make yourself available for 3 minutes at the pickup location. You are allowed only a bag or luggage the size of 2008 air travel carry-on baggage. The time relocation is instant. You will not need food, water, extra clothes since your destination is bio-organism optimized for both temperature and bodily nourishment processes. Currency is not necessary since the barter and goods and service exchange survival model will be obsolete by then. In essence, human life forms need nothing in this future space/time coordinate.


4 - Included in this purchase is transportation into the future, in the future, with a crew coming back in time to transport you into the future. A facilitator will ask you to present your signed certificate and ask you verbally to confirm your identity and whether you have changed your mind. If you confirm your wish to be transported into the future, you will instantly be relocated to the space/time coordinate in which time relocation technology exists. Many additional options will be presented at your destination.


NOTE - You will NOT be picked up in the present time and space coordinate. Time relocation technology does not exist in this present time period. By purchasing this travel voucher, you are setting the stage for a future pickup when time relocation technology exists, and by following these instructions, you are making yourself available for the crew that will come back in time, and pick you up in the future.


5 - After you have completed the pickup preparation procedure by making yourself available for at least 3 minutes at the designated time/space location, you will go on with life and live out your days in this universe and timestream. Based on the current pace of incremental technological discoveries and improvements, it is unlikely the time relocation you have purchased will happen in this lifetime, but will occur after you are deceased.


Isolate yourself from people at your designated pickup time. Eat lightly or not at all for 24 hours.


Do yourself a favor and eliminate any non-prescription or recreational stimulants from your diet for at least 24 hours. Your journey, although instant, requires your full faculties and attention. An artificial landing site identical in detail to your originating time period and location on planet earth will be your first experience. This intentionally designed landing site creates a familiar surroundings common to your space/time origin coordinate to reduce sensory overload.


A facilitator is assigned to each time relocation candidate and will accompany you from your point of origin in the timestream, to the destination in the future. Once you feel comfortable with your surroundings, and perimeter bio monitoring equipment provides confirmation your psychological condition is receptive to additional stimulus, you may choose to venture out of the landing compound in close proximity of a facilitator assigned to your case and behold the wonders the future has to offer.


Once transported and relocated in time, additional time relocation options will be presented which are not limited to, but include:


Plan A - Returning your original self to the same space time coordinate with total memory clear of the relocation event. (You would essentially relive your life from that moment forward without memory of either this purchase or the relocation event)


Plan B - Returning your original self to to the same space time coordinate with complete memory of the relocation event. You would retain full memory of the relocation to the future event, and everything experienced in this future.


Plan C - The Basic plan includes permanent relocation to a variety of space/time coordinates. This plan includes extensive briefing and an assigned orientation facilitator at the destination. Additional counseling options are are available and mandatory for those choosing to anything other than the first option.




If you are not isolated and alone at your pickup , or have asked people from your time coordinate to secretly observe your time relocation. Anyone in the immediate vicinity of your time relocation will not observe anything unusual happening anyway. Your relocation will take place in an quantum reality, and the entity remaining at the pickup point is your original self following your current lifeplan.


Simply put, after pickup and transfer, "two" of you exist in alternate universes. After pickup, your life will continue in the present reality. Your original self will continue in the original lifeplan space/time coordinate. There is no limit to the number of alternate quantum realities available.


20$ time travel





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Based on the current pace of incremental technological discoveries and improvements, it is unlikely the time relocation you have purchased will happen in this lifetime, but will occur after you are deceased.

How convenient (for the payee, not the payor!)Does anyone else smell fraud? This type of nonsense is PRECISELY why I have (and always will) debunk hoaxers... for this is what it can lead to. And before someone says "who would be stupid enough to buy this" you might want to review the history of snake oil salesmen and Ponzi schemes.





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