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Time-travel Paradoxes!


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You mean the photos of the paper that say 2036?? I could make those papers. I made birth certifcate and immigration papers that look more real then those papers. If u believe that those photos then I have a bridge to sell u in Brooklyn want to buy it is really cheap!!!!!

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hmmm, I don't remember ever posting that I beleived the wave rider was true.

As for timetraveler_0 , I have not posted everything we have discussed. 
I have not been able to find a flaw in any of his discussions so far.
he has really opened my understanding of time travel.Things I would have never thought of before.
I will have to say, In some of his thinking he is "ahead of this time."  


[This message has been edited by pamela (edited 03 January 2001).]

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when you have a seamless story that you came from 2036 in a General Electric Time machine and brought documents from the year 2036,then ill buy your bridge.

TT_0 could have said bloody NASA made the time machine,why did he choose General Electric?possibly because his story is true..?
and the documents are scanned,and look unedited.they also look photocopied.



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I’ve been reading the last few postings with a bit of confusion. I see there is controversy over my “story” that is causing some people to ask themselves if they believe it or not. 

For quite a while, I have been stating that not only do I not expect anyone to believe me, it’s irrelevant and in my opinion, quite dangerous. Belief implies that you accept what I say as true and real. Over the internet, this is impossible. In fact, I have stated before, there are many people in 2036 who do not believe in time travel. 

As I stated before, I also think that unwavering belief is dangerous. One very disturbing thing I have noticed about your society in general is your blind acceptance of what you are told. Do you really think the news industry doesn’t have an agenda? Do you really think those hamburgers you stuff into your body are safe? Do you really think your government is telling you the truth? What proof do you have of any of that?

What I do want you to do is open your eyes to the events that happening around you that have nothing to do with me. Some of you have been reading for a while now about the war in 2015 and the breakthroughs in particle physics that would be coming soon. Doesn’t the CIA report on 2015 and news on the z-field compression at least support what I’ve been saying a little bit? I just saw another story today about the Russians moving Nuks into the Balkins to thwart any future expansion by NATO. I also haven’t heard anyone take me up on my “information experiment” on the IBM 5100 or check out the information I’ve given you about the UNIX failure in 2038. With all due respect… I find it hard to take some of you seriously.

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i have read all the 6 pages of this board, and i can see all is about the story of mister tt_0, i only can had 1 conclusion, its AMAZING; but just amazing, i mean the only thing we can do is belive or not, but cmon we are phisycs, we not belive, we KNOW, our knowledge is based on the brain, the belive is based on heart, its important belive in something but not be blind for this, i come to this board(whit another nick) a few months ago and you just talking about ways to travel in time, pure teorical phisics, but now this board seems like belive or not belive, love or not love the mister tt_0.

I am not against the m. tt_0, if he travel or not, for me is his problem, i mean the first time i read the m. tt_0 i think woao!!! a real time traveler!!, but a few seconds later, i was disapointed because i wanna be the man who make the time machine, i wanna be the first time traveler, and this guy come and said i travel in time, i was blue, but then i think may be i or we will be the builders of the time machine, but this only can hapen if we do phisycs, if we do teories, if we do experiments, ni mean, this cant hapen if we only are limited to belive and love or not belive and no love an "apparental time traveler", or if we just talk about "its true or not the time traveler".

In 6 pages of board you just talk about how will be the future, belive or not, our society is bad or not, cmon stop do this questions, the future we will see it in a few years, the society is so bad all of we know that, the war of 2015 will be (if be)for some valid reasons or not valid but we cant do anithing about that, or if we do it will be another line in time, so we never know if we do it or not.

So mi point is stop talk about "its true or not " and lets think about "how can we do a time travel". Just think, which one is the dream of all of us? and the chose betwen talk or think, belive or do it fact.

Sincerily andera

p.s. Answer me, i wanna know the comments of all of you

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It is not logical that you would post the papers and diagrams and picture accecpt to give credibility to your story. The reality is that you are useing this forum to post your very subject views. You and I both know you are not from the future.It is not that you will not, but you can not post any evidence to the contrary.
However you have done your homework and tell a good story. Useing the Karr black hole as the bases for your time travel drvice is very good, although it will not produce time travel as you claim.

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I think the point TT_0 was trying to make is wake up and look around. He really doesn't care if we believe him or not. He is just giving us a wake up call. I don't care if he can time travel or not. I am looking at the bigger picture. Him posting on this board is a small thing. So he can time travel or not. It's not such a big deal. In a world of infinite possibilities, every thing is probable. And what I believe doesn't effect this world at all, only me...........

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Its been a long time since anybody has had to worry about converting IBM legacy code into more modern language. I'm not sure even when the 5100 was made, I'm guessing the early to mid '70s. The term geek hadn't even been invented yet. Before 1980 only overworked men with bad hearts ever saw a computer. In short, the supply of 5100 experts is probably too thin to show up on this small board. So wadda we know?

Heck, Colonel Corsoe & Co. would have us believe that the IBM line was copied from a crashed alien sauser.

The 2038 date bug in Unix is no secret. It just runs out of bit space for holding larger date code numbers. I worried a whole lot about the Y2K bug. I got my butt fooled. I lost half of my net worth AND two years of work. Whoopie. LET the friggen thing blow up, maybe somebody ELSE will get a well needed lesson.

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I hope that you guys can see what I'm talking about. Look at the last post that Time traveler man posted. It's the same B.S.
I wonder if he knows of someone in the future with the initals JLR as he is 2 years old (the same age as our alleged time traveler). All I want to know is a simple fact from the future (other then the wars) like after GW Bush who will be the next President?? I mean if CNN can try to predict why can't our Time traveling friend.

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Well, no post in this forum can be complete without having my 2 cents added to it =). As an Activist, I agree with some of what TimeTravel_0 has mentioned. I have also been trying to get people to open their eyes. I have a website for just that purpose.

Please check it out. www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/9822/

However, there is one thing I would like to know. TimeTravel_0 if in fact you have been to the future, what happens to JCS- ME =)? Am I deeply involved in this Time Travel project as well? What of the resistance? 

Don't want to brag, but I too have had very real dreams of Time Traveling to the future. Some would seem like days, but be only a matter of hours passed. Other times I have visions and transmissions from the future. That's what one Dr. once said to me. I still experience these Time Distortions, or whatever they are. There pretty trippy.

Anyway's, it would only be natural that this is happening to me for a reason. 😃 So what do you know, if you have been to the future?

And hey Juanito, I like your critical perspective. Not to critical, and not to gullible, 😃 I sure could use someone like you in my resistance.

Javier C.

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Thanks, I try to keep things real. I believe that Time Travel is possible but I don't think TT_0 is a time traveler. 

Sure I will like to join your quest for the truth where do I sign up.

Pamela and the other beleivers do u guys honestly believe this guy. Or is it that u want to believe. 

I believe in GOD because I want to believe but I never seen GOD. 

There is a big difference!!!!!


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This is some thread huh! The longest and most debated one I've ever seen on this board.

(I trust everyone had a Happy New Year for the true Millenium.) 

And especially want to wish Pamela the best in her continuing pursuits for truth in the next Thousand years.

For rgrunt:

It appears I may have publicly judged you too harshly. And I hereby appologize for anything that came across as a personal attack. Your post above has opened the door to a world of dialog that we may indeed find a way to come together on. You are no longer the faceless, dogmatic spewer of antiquated rhetoric I once thought you to be. (It does seem that this "paradox" issue has taken conversation on this board into directions I never thought possible. But then... God is the ultimate paradox is He/She not?)

Please understand that when you say ... "I do admit that the information I recieved came second hand so I trully cannot vouch for the accuracy." ...is something I suspected all along but can't help myself when it comes to jumping on the particular type of dogma that it represents. No Personal offense was ever intended.

Please also understand that when you say I "...claims that creation is completely proven wrong " ...

... that I DO NOT claim THIS at all. I merely state (without CLAIMING anything at all) that the account of creation as is metaphorically described in the Book Of Genesis in The Bible, first version, is just that. A metaphor. Not a true depiction of actual history in the literal sense. 

I'm not disclaiming the existence of God here, or the CONCEPT of Creation per se. Nor am I saying that in so denying, that I am therefore subscriptive to the A-Theistic point of view. On the contrary. 

In the true sprit of Paradox, (which this thread's topic is all about), I merely offer the easily verifiable evidence and duplicatable proof that such an occurance as the so-called Biblically depicted "great flood" is in itself a physically impossibility.

It would be a great leap of faith indeed for anyone to PRESUME from this statement that I in any way dispute the existence of God. But also be aware that while I do not refute His existence, I also do not accept it unconditionally. At least based on the words of one anthology that exists from the ancient days of Western European Mythology. Particularly since this Anthology to which I refer (The Bible) never existed in it's present form until the late 15th Century when Guttenburg invented the printing press that brought all these previously unconnected "Books" together. And even then, after much language translation from various sources such as Hebrew, Islamic, Christian, etc. 

To place scientific credibility in such a document would be folly on the "wishful thinkers" of the world to say the least. 

This is not to say that the document does not have value as a representative example of the moralistic values in any society in folklore, (including our own), but it needs to be studied in the true context of what it is. A historical account of the world as THOSE WHO LIVED AT THAT TIME saw it. The moral lessons contained therin may indeed be timeless, but the science is purly from the point of view of the then ignorant. (No offense to them, they simply didn't know any better.)

So ultimately Mr. Schasteen, please understand that from what I see in your last post, we may indeed not be that far apart on the moralistic or philosophistic level, but at the purely scientific level, well, as Einstein said, "God does not play Dice with the Universe."

And He (if he truly exists), DID NOT flood the entire Earth 6000 years ago, nor did He "create" the Earth in a matter of what we call "six days".

"He" MAY very well have "Created" it, and the rest of the Universe for that matter. I take no issue with this nor do I advocate the possibility either way. I'll leave the possibility of these matters to the likes of Dr. Stephen Hawking and others of his ilk who can present logical arguments that support BOTH points of view far better than my humble ability to elaborate upon.

For specifics though, I've already provided links to a number of sites where raidiometric dating processes can be studied and understood (I'll leave you to chase those down and do the same research I've already done), and hopefully leave you with the understanding that I also meant NO insult to you in any personal way. 

After all, "rgrunt" and "DaViper" are just handles anyone can use to sign onto a BBS/Message board anywhere on the net and represent themselves to be anyone they wish to present themselves as.

In the end, it's the words and what one has to say that matter here. 

And very little else.


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Actually, I thought it was a pretty good story. I'd say your fiction skills are coming along quite nicely.




Bigger than your palm pilot, your laptop, your desktop and even bigger than an IBM 4300 series.


But not as big as my grandfather's old Buick Roadmaster.





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To Juanito,


My friend i know where your coming from...


I've had a ...erm...falling out with T-T-0 in the past as you have no doubt seen if you have read the past messages.


Let me say one thing, He knows what he's talking about.


More than everyone else on this board i might add, aside from perhaps the moderators!!


Or else why would people be asking him so many questions about theories and things wev'e only dreamed about. Perhaps your right, perhaps he is only trying to open our eyes. But do you act on the information he has given us or do you dismiss it as pure fantasy? Open your eyes and think about what he has to say! I did and so did everyone else who post or even read this board


A sidenote... Rgrunt, what happened to your blackhole contraption?




P. Light



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I can't say about the others, but your right. I asked him questions I already know the answers to. If he answers them correctly, then he is from the future.


He's not the only one in this board who claims to have Time Traveled =).


Hey you and me lets stick together on this. There seems to be alot of team play action going on here. Alot of people watching each others backs, if you know what I mean.


Someone needs to set them stright . Well talk to you all later.



Javier C.



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The government would have pulled those diagrams off of the web page they are on if they really believed timetraveler_0.

timetraveler_0 would have been traced and located, spied on and eventually his device stolen from the basement.

yep, happened to someone else I knew.

they even posed as the person for awhile.

you never know who you are talking to on the internet.he is right about that.



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Hi everyone,


Pamela, to respond to your previous post:


yes, we've had some snow over here, but it's raining cats and dogs again as usual.. ?


From our point of view, lets just say "this worldline", timetravel does not yet exist. To put it in other words: timetravel will (probably) exist in the future, but assuming time goes by in chronological order it does not exist yet.


If we take a "non-linear" approach to time, timetravel does indeed already exist. It all just depends on the way you look at things. I guess we're both right in this case.


As for Timetravel_0. I'm very sceptic about the story he has provided us with. But it remains an interesting story nonetheless. It doesn't matter whether we believe it or not. At least he's caused a 6 page thread and he made people think about certain aspects of modern society. It's only logical that someone from the future has no gain in proving that he really is a timetraveler.


So lets just stick to the subject of timetravel instead of proving or disproving the story of Timetravel_0.


As for Juanito and TimeTravelActivist. Listen very carefully, I shall only say this once ? Perhaps it's a good idea to start a new thread called "The Resistance" or something similar. That would be a great opportunity to discuss the "danger" of timetravel and recruit new members.


Greetings from rainy Amsterdam, it feels like I'm freezing yet the water that falls from the sky does not :-))



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The thing that I picked up from Mr. TT_0's recent post is that he seemed to be saying that time travel is not something you believe in or disbelieve. That is not how things work, you must discover and experiment not just take in what others may say. If people just sat around saying I believe it is possible to fly and never went out and tested it then we would never have made aviation possible. Likewise, we can neither definitively accept or deny TT_O's claim of being an actual time traveller until physical and hence experimental proof of time travel is obtained.

My past inquiries of TT_O were merely for my curiousity. I have never accepted or denied his claim. Although, I must admit the easiest and most uncomplicated solution would be that he is not. As far as that wave rider person, his statements on the fax are contrary to our historical line and hence I do not buy his story. I personally do not see how time travel could be possible just using the physical body and mind anyway.



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thats why you work FOR the government...

so they cant steal your work because it is funded by THEM..

there work is usually less fringe science and more proven stuff,and they dont allow errors(error is a kind and benevolent god of inventors..jk)




in the 2036,do they still publish books?

if so,do they still have those Cliff Notes books?the yellow ones,about things like physics and geometry and common time displacement theory and such?

hint hint...


is the government regulating the time machine you used to get here,or are you free to do as you choose?



why does everyone of your posts have to include something about IOTM??





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Roel van Houten,


You must be new here... Or else you would know.


I have started threads for the purpose of recruiting members into my campaign, how you mentioned I should. Some have gone to 7 pages as well... Might want to look them up.


In addition, to FastWalker2.


I only mentioned my website twice. What are you talking about me mentioning it every time I post? Count them...


Gotta go buy food for my cat , c-ya.





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