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Tony Hawk leaps to top of financial empire?

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Tony Hawk leaps to top of financial empire




Digg del.icio.us Newsvine Reddit FacebookWhat's this?By Edward Iwata, USA TODAY


VISTA, Calif. — Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk moves with the power and grace of a jungle cat. As heavy metal rock blasts in an industrial office building here, he swoops down a steep, two-story-high skateboarding ramp that would spook most people.


Other skateboarders hanging with Hawk whoop at his high-flying moves. For two decades, Hawk dominated the ESPN X Games and other competitions. Now 40, he's retired from competing.


But the tall, lean Hawk can still bring it during extreme sports shows around the world — or in these daily afternoon practices with his pals, who also are top skateboarders. They say Hawk nails tricks in 10 to 15 minutes that take them days to master.


"I put a lot of pressure on myself," Hawk says recently at his corporate offices here. "I always try to perform at my best."


Hawk, like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, belongs to that rare breed of athlete-entrepreneurs whose names and brands have transcended their sports and become mainstream icons in the popular culture.


With his marketing savvy and wholesome looks, family man Hawk introduced an outlaw street sport to the suburbs and shopping malls, helping to turn skateboarding into a multibillion-dollar industry. In the past decade, Hawk has made many millions of dollars from licensing and marketing deals with his popular Activision video games, with skateboard gear and clothing, and with corporate sponsors, including Jeep and McDonald's (MCD).


Now, Hawk is gliding into the next stage of his career. He hopes to keep growing his brand as a force in the media, entertainment and retail fields with fresh products and endorsements, from new video games to roller coasters at Six Flags (SIX) amusement parks.


Hawk's moves come as his name recognition among young consumers ranks No. 1 of all U.S. athletes, surpassing NBA basketball greats Shaquille O'Neal and LeBron James, according to Research International USA's TRU.


"It's not uncommon today for skaters and snowboarders to rank higher in recognition than top basketball, baseball and football players," says Senior Vice President Kathleen Gasperiniat the Label Networks market research firm.


Hawk is poised to take advantage of the U.S. and global markets for skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing, which are merging into one large "active sports" market popular among suburban and urban consumers.


Among Hawk's recent and ongoing business endeavors:


•Video gaming. At Activision (ATVI), the Los Angeles firm that has licensed Hawk's video games since the late 1990s, software developers are working with Hawk to reinvent and bring new thrills to his upcoming games.


It's the "Tony Hawk Innovation Plan," says Activision Senior Vice President Will Kassoy, who won't disclose details yet.


•Amusement parks. In a big entertainment deal with Six Flags, giant roller coasters called "Tony Hawk's Big Spin" — simulating aerial skateboarding tricks at 40 miles per hour — are opening at Six Flags amusement parks around the USA.


•Sports events management. Hawk's Boom Boom HuckJam show — a 30-city tour featuring Hawk and daredevil skateboarders, bicyclists and motocross riders performing stunts to rock and rap music — continues to sell out each summer in sports arenas, fairgrounds and amusement parks.


•Retail. Sports clothing maker Quiksilver (ZQK) and Kohl's (KSS), the national department store chain, sell Tony Hawk-branded apparel and shoes popular among youths and twentysomething consumers. Quiksilver hopes to expand Hawk's clothing and marketing presence in Europe, Latin America and China, says President Marty Samuels of Quiksilver Americas.


•Multimedia. Hawk's 900 Films production firm does projects for ESPN, Fox Sports Net, Warner Bros. and others. He hosts a weekly radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio. And he and an entertainment start-up called Funny or Die Networks have launched a website, Shred or Die (www.ShredOrDie.com), that showcases extreme sports videos.


Hawk also is popping up more on TV, making appearances on shows from Fox's Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? to ABC's Oprah's Big Give.


Meanwhile, as the skateboard king hits middle age, he hopes to leave a philanthropic legacy. Since 2003, his Tony Hawk Foundation has given $2 million to non-profits to help build 400 skate parks in poor neighborhoods from Yakima, Wash., to Greensboro, Ala. Hawk makes appearances to publicize the skate parks, and he also performs at celebrity fundraisers.


Getting started


In the 1980s, when Hawk was a gawky kid growing up in San Diego, skateboarding was a cult street activity for outcasts. Hawk says that skateboarding — called "skating" by the athletes — challenged him more than team sports. "I was a runt, a lot skinnier and smaller than other kids," he says, "so skating was a great physical outlet for me."


As skateboarding grew, the young Hawk won championships and endorsements that helped him buy a house and start a small skateboarding firm with his four siblings. But fickle teen consumers hurt the skateboarding market in the early 1990s, and Hawk's business struggled.


Then skateboarding took off again in the late 1990s, as the independent-minded children of baby boomers fell in love with extreme sports. ESPN's X Games became a huge hit, and Hawk's Pro Skater video games became top sellers.


In the USA, skateboarders, surfers and snowboarders spent $11 billion last year on sports gear, apparel and accessories — up from $5 billion in 1999, reports Board-Trac,a sports market research firm. For many, Tony Hawk became the face of extreme sports. He's "an icon to youths, and his appeal will continue to grow," says Marie Case, co-founder of Board-Trac.


In the $18 billion video game market, Tony Hawk games have sold 30 million units in the past decade and have consistently ranked in the top 10 in U.S. sales the years of their releases, says industry analyst Anita Frazier at the NPD Group research firm.


Activision's Kassoy says that Hawk's rise as a superstar converged with the video game industry's growing interest in the action-sports market. Hawk's games also gave players more freedom and creativity to guide and perform tricks with their skateboarding characters than older video games had.


"The Tony Hawk game changed the paradigm for action-sports games," Kassoy says.


Now Hawk runs Tony Hawk Inc., his private multimillion-dollar business with 30 employees, from spacious suburban offices 40 miles north of San Diego.


Tattooed employees tap at computers. Snazzy skateboards hang from the walls. Hawk airs his radio show from a glass-encased broadcast booth. In a cavernous back room, he and his friends practice on the giant half-pipe skateboarding ramp to the thrashing sounds of the Clash, Slayer and Metallica. "They had to raise the building roof 10 feet to make room for us," says Hawk, grinning like a mischievous kid.


Hawk's sister, Pat, a former backup singer for John Denver and Michael Bolton, is general manager of the business. She runs the daily operation, while Hawk is the public face and creative force.


"All of this is his vision, his passion," says Pat Hawk.


Friends say Tony Hawk brings the same intense drive to skating and business. In trying a dangerous new trick, he'll break down the moves, adjust his body or angle of attack, then go for it until he perfects it.


Likewise, Hawk and his team spent years creating, planning and perfecting the Boom Boom HuckJam tour, a multimillion-dollar project with more equipment than a Rolling Stones tour. No one had attempted a daredevil sports event like it before.


Colleagues credit Hawk's success and Elvis-like appeal among youths to his marketing chops, his respect for the skateboarding culture and a surprising lack of ego for a megastar. It's not unusual to see Hawk flying coach, riding in friends' old cars, and gobbling down hamburgers while traveling, says Jesse Fritsch, a skateboarder and co-host of Hawk's radio show.


"He's a real dude," Fritsch says. "I've never seen someone so successful be so down to earth."


Hawk walks the fine line between corporate dealmaking and keeping his street credibility with skateboarders. His support of the sport and its athletes has blunted criticism that he's sold out.


Keeping it real


Hawk's entertainment attorney, Jared Levine, says Tony Hawk has turned down many lucrative commercial deals — from food products to toys and games — because the companies and marketing approaches were too hokey or not realistic portrayals of the skateboarding culture. The Hawks have the final say on marketing strategies. "There are plenty of product ideas out there," Hawk says. "But are they authentic, are they real? Most don't feel like the right fit."


Even with Hawk's influence, though, the fast-growing U.S. market for skateboarding and other board sports may be slowing. Many in the youthful X Generation, who fueled the extreme sports boom, have grown up and left the sports.


The upside: Millions of those consumers now are family men, and they're turning the board sports into family activities for kids and spouses. Case at Board-Trac says that a birth rate surge in the 1990s will lead to another boom soon in the board sports, as those babies become teen consumers of extreme sports goods.


Today, the extreme sports market also attracts consumers in their 40s and beyond. They buy everything from surfer's shorts and T-shirts at Macy's and Nordstrom to skateboards and other gear at small sports specialty shops.


Action sports also are going global, as millions of youths in Europe, Canada, Russia, Mexico and elsewhere embrace the activities and apparel. Sales data are sketchy, but global revenue and the number of participants are rising, and Hawk and other extreme sports figures are widely admired, says Gasperini at Label Networks.


Meanwhile, sports apparel is evolving internationally into a funky mix of urban hip-hop fashions and suburban stylings from skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding, says chief analyst Marshal Cohen at NPD Group, who calls it "the skurban market."


"There's tremendous growth opportunity, and Tony Hawk can represent more than just (skateboarding)," Cohen says. "This market has evolved into a worldwide cultural phenomenon."


But even great athletes lose marketing clout when they retire, says marketing professor Brian Tillat St. Louis University in St. Louis. "If Hawk continues to tour, it'll serve him well," Till says. "But if he cashes out and moves to the Caribbean, he's won't have the same fan following or endorsements."


Hawk's colleagues say his appeal transcends generations, and his business acumen won't wane.


"Tony can still skate pretty damn well, and he lives the lifestyle," says Samuels at Quiksilver. "He's a pioneer and ambassador for the sport and the market."


Past the skateboarder's image, Hawk clearly has long-range plans for his ever-broadening business, although he won't disclose them.


"I wear a lot of different hats," Hawk says. "But in the end, I just want to be known as a skater."




I pick on "Tony Hawk" and see what shows up in USA Today?


No.. The "news isn't fake" and American society "isn't engineered" by "evil people"...


Create "fake CGI skate contests" so kids "play mind altering video games...."


It's "that evil"... It really is....


The "impact" of TheCigMan knows "no bounds"...


Make Tony Hawk a "billionaire"... See what I care... I know "he can't skate..." and mysteriously can "only do it in a half pipe..." :)





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As for your "much better not gay sex comment with Tony Hawk"..


Ah... You lost me...


But I hear that "other guy" the "World's Greatest Freestyle Skateboarder"...


Is giving skateboarders lessons in New York City for his "Zen Propulsion Method" of Skating...


We have "Jedi Skaters" zooming all over the Northeast now...


Maybe the can "fight with their minds" and "do flips and jumps" like Luke Skywalker or Obi Won... now : )





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Since you accuse "Mr. McMonagle" of "spying on the Central Intelligence Agency"...


I can only assume "you are one of the EVIL IRISH INDIAN MIXED HERITAGE PEOPLE"...


Ah... Like CHER. :)


You have it all backwards Mr. Ruthless.






They won't "tell us..."


But they are now known as "MI7" reporting to "Royal Family" in the "United Kingdom"...


I'm not surprised you sons first words were "Tony Hawk"...


We hear these "italian heritage individuals" are "psychic listeners" and have "mutant super powers" like "Spiderman"...




But Martin Sorcese and Jewish Hollywood has made them "cool lovable psychotic killers" all the "babes" want to "party with..."


Enjoy! Mr. Ruthless... You'd love BROOKLYN, STATEN ISLAND or HOBOKEN. :)





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"Since you accuse "Mr. McMonagle" of "spying on the Central Intelligence Agency"...


I can only assume "you are one of the EVIL IRISH INDIAN MIXED HERITAGE PEOPLE"...


Ah... Like CHER."


ok, first off, if you EVER compare me to cher again, ill have to use my super secret psychic abilities to burn the hair off your head...


and no, im one of the GOOD IRISH INDIAN MIXED HERITAGE PEOPLE. after all, your brains not fried yet is it? or maybe it is... :D


and mcmonagle is the biggest skitzo ive ever seen!! i tell ya, that guy thinks rocks in his backyard work for the cia... i never accused that nutty mofo of spying on anyone, but i do accuse that he spies on the ladies a tad too much ;)


fkn cher... wtf man? wtf...


"I'm not surprised you sons first words were "Tony Hawk"..."


im not either, at the time, tony hawk had just completed the 900. i remember watching on tv, rooting him on like everyone else in the world was. (good folks usually try to help folks, sometimes by cheering em on) i remember he couldnt make it on his own, and after 10 or so attempts, i was jumping up and down praying and wishing he would make it. my son saw my enthusiasm when he finally made it and decided to say his first words. pretty good thing if ya ask me, but i guess its all in the eye of the beholder. ;)


"We hear these "italian heritage individuals" are "psychic listeners" and have "mutant super powers" like "Spiderman"..."


if my son grows up with spiderman-esque powers, i'd be thrilled. i wouldnt have to worry so much about him then. :)


"Enjoy! Mr. Ruthless... You'd love BROOKLYN, STATEN ISLAND or HOBOKEN."


i seriously doubt it. im an introvert. i tend to hate areas covered in concrete, and i really dislike rude people, and i hear those spots are the mecca of rudeness.


cher? what in the world were you thinking you, you, KAMIKAZE LIZERIAN NASA PROTOTYPE!!!


ah, like ricky martin. :p


ive got some politicians to go eat, ill talk to ya later. :)



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Mr. Ruthless,


You continue to "slander" Mr. McMonagle...


He doesn't take kindly to it.


You will be on his list.


He is "America's Most Famous Pro Se Ligator"!


You will "lose everything..."


He "invented" the "NEUTRON BOMB LEGAL MOTION"...


Ask around...


It bring "adversarial lawyering" back to America!


So your son? Is part "italian heritage"?




The plot thickens with Mr. Ruthless...


And how is he "spying on women..."


Mr. Ruthless...


You know little about "slander" and "libel" in America...


If you say something "publically" about someone it has to be "true" or "accounted for".


It's "a rumor" or a "story" or its "unconfirmed"...


You don't know how to "attack"..


And you will "pay" in the CIVIL COURTS OF AMERICA!!!


Count on it!


You evil CIA/NSA Scumbag!!!


Tell your buddy... Mr. Joe McMoneagle... YOU FAILED.


And he maybe next...


"002" is closing in on "001"


He just "took out the entire New York City area..."


And he is doing some "fantastic work" lately... :)





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As for your "much better not gay sex comment with Tony Hawk"..

Ah... You lost me...

The guy in the you tube link I posted said something like that. He's try to say that Tony Hawk is the better game... kids today I tell ya...TH: Proving Ground is awsome though, I've never enjoyed a skating game so much.



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i need to get a lawyer? a really good one? HA!


you need to get some wit... some really good wit...


"You told me your "real name" Remember?"


ahh, yes i tell everyone my name, unlike you, you nazi robot replica! yes i know who you are! your my arch nemisis, bob dole! :yum:



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I no longer find you amusing.



Once again we see more evidence of how CigMan can get so testy in such a short period of time. Oh, he really just LOVES to dish out the jokes, and put-downs, and always says "hey, I am just kidding". But when someone else turns up the heat on CigMan, he breaks down and starts whining.We see your true colors...shining through. Another Kodak moment! :)





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oh its ok, i dont mind. he's just mad cause his wits 'o so dull, his farts dusty, and theres no 'deesco bunnies for him.


oh yeah, ciggie, my lawyer says you owe me 50k for false advertising. pay up! lest i be forced to whinnie mah poo! :eek: :D



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but seriously tho, what do you think you would get out of suing me? since you dont know, lemme tell ya...


you would get approx. 500 empty packs of marlboro reds, a multitude of empty beer bottles, and a 5 year old pc that doesent boot unless i say so.


so if your interested, go for it! i'll even throw in an added bonus! 50 lbs. of ciggarette ashes i got outta my keyboard! whudda steal!


tell 'ol moneagle that his stories bore me to death in more ways than one, and tell him to hurry up with the litigations, im very bored. oh yeah, tell him his soup tastes horrible too...


as a matter of fact, i think im gonna go make a slanderous accusation on his behalf and get it notarized just to speed things up! :devil:



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Well he accused that guy of "spying" on "The Central Intelligence Agency"...


He's only been to Washington, D.C. once... On business for an hour.


And he doesn't have access to satellite imaging or super computers...


So Mr. Ruthless is in big trouble...


But if you want to call it "whining..."


I can't stop you...





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"Well he accused that guy of "spying" on "The Central Intelligence Agency"..."


i say he spies on everyone! then makes an immaculate log of it through the eyes of none other than good ol ciggie.


but hey, thats not a bad thing always. you could spy on my house and tell me who has been coming over while im asleep. cant wait till i catch that mofo...



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McMonagle, Super Models and Skateboarding...


We have been watching McMonagle...


He puts on Demos in some major cities as he slips away from "Weirdo World"...


In one city, he put a demo with 20 Somethings showing them the "Propulsion Method" of Skateboarding...


And other freestyle tricks...


He certainly knows how to "show off..." for the worlds most beautiful and sexy women... :)







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