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Hold on to your hat...


Or sit down before you read the rest of this "analyst report" from the Shadow Government...


Your marriage maybe a shame...


Your wife maybe a "mobbed up" moll...


You may be a "mark", a "chump" or a STORE FRONT HUSBAND for "appearances" or to drain money or extort / blackmail...


If you live near New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, L.A. or Miami (and their home states...)


Have you noticed that marriages today only last 1 to 5 years?


Did you notice that she wanted a 50,000 to 250,000 Dollar wedding paid by you OR YOUR PARENTS?


At an italian owned "wedding hall"?


Have your "engagement party" at an italian owned restaurant?


Have your "wedding pictures" taken by an "italian" photograher?


Have your "limos" rented by a "italian owned" limo company?


Have your wedding supplied by an "italian owned" flower shop?


Have your "wedding" "catered" by an italian catering company or restaurant?


Did you have your "honeymoon" in Vegas? or Italy or Europe?


Have your get your suits cleaned at an "italian" dry cleaner or tailor shop?


Have your shoes fixed at an Italian shoe repair shop?


Have her hair done at at an Italian "hair dresser"?


Have you cut your hair cut at an italian "barbershop"?


Have you ever asked if she dated "italian" guys in high school or college?


Are her ex-boyfriends named Tony, Ant-Tony, Michael, Vito, Mark, Louis or Paulie?


Did they have "real jobs"?


Did she work in an Italian Restaurant? As a waitress? or Bartender?


Did she ever date any "Italian heritage" Police Officers?


Did she ever work for an "Italian Heritage" Vice President type on Wall Street?


Did she ever hand out "betting slips" for the NFL, MARCH MADNESS, BASKETBALL or the WORLD SERIES at parties?..


Does she only want to go to "Italian Restaurants" for dinner?


Does she order pizza every Friday night?


Did her and her girlfriends or (college roomates) rent houses down the Jersey Shore (including Long Branch, Asbury Park, Bradley Beach, Avon, BELMAR, Point Pleasant, Bay Head, Ocean Beach, Ortley, Lavellette, SEASIDE HEIGHTS, WILDWOOD, and ATLANTIC CITY?


Does she have "italian girfriend BFF" or italian friends for "Girls Night Out"? (FEMALE ITALIAN CAPO or BI/LESBIAN CABAL LEADER)?


That women advertise for "lawyers" on Craigslist or seek them out on Online Seriveces like AOL for their "divorces"... And promise to pay in "sex..."


Have you ever asked your other female family members if they were threatened, "extorted" or "raped" at gunpoint by your wife, her "italian friends" or "italian in laws"?


Asked if you wife has ever "cat fightedly" beaten her up? Viciously pulled her hair? Or threatened her?


If you have answered "YES" to many of these questions above?...


Contact http://www.fbi.gov...


For your own safety and the safety of your family....


Be Warned!





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