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Im from 2008, Hello out there.


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Hello earthlings.


Yes im from the year 2008 and can share a few insights with yous.


Gasoline will skyrocket to alomost $5 a gallon.


Milk will cost so much youll have to squeeze it yourself from your own nipples.


Ok ok enough with the bull.


Have a brain damaging question i could never understand to the answer to.


The paradox theory (weather paradox exist or not).


The thing where you go back and kill grandpa or lets say kill yourself.


Kill yourself so how could you go back in time if your dead or how could you kill yourself if you was killed. Very confusing. So its thought that different realities are made to fit each reality i guess.


Ok that is difficult also.


I dont understand if these reality timelines are made by your actions or events or are already there in an infinite amount of possibilities.


If many or infinite timeline are already there then which one is really the real one?


In maybe the 1000th timeline im doing something else while in many im doing the same thing or very similar to this one.


How real are they? Does that mean there are infinite amount of MEs out there?


Are they all self aware individually or are they there incase i decide to take that path?


Hate to think of a weirder version of myself out there.


I just dunno.



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People's incredible disagreement on this entire topic astounds me, especially since people never once look at this situation logically (or at least look at it in only as much logic as they can).


The universe is paradox proof. That's only possible. Paradoxes occur every single day (time travel isn't needed for paradoxes to occur) but the universe handles them. Using the example you say (the classic grandfather paradox) if you were to travel back in time and kill your grandfather, you would, by your logic, never be able to travel back in time in the first place. Thus, by killing your grandfather you have created a paradox. However, since your grandfather is now dead, you never exist, thus you never kill your grandfather, thus you never create the paradox. If you don't create the paradox, then there is no paradox. Thus the universe closes the loop and the paradox is resolved.


That's as simple as I can explain it.





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Please, no spelling fixation. Im only human and will make spelling mistakes.


As for the paradox thing.


I sorta understand the whole conflict thing but what i dont understand is where this takes place at.


For the classic paradox example:


Would it be possible to kill your grandfather?


Now lets step away from the paradox example a little bit:


After the grandfather paradox event, would there be the same worldline or another created?



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Logically, of course it is possible to kill your grandfather. There are a number of ways. Poison, for one, is quite effective. Though a knife is good if you are in a hurry. And no, I'm not being sarcastic, this IS if you were to go back in time. Though, to my knowledge no one's ever tried.


The truth is I don't think we could ever know. Ever heard of the butterfly effect? It is quite common in media, of course, but what Hollywould often neglects is the effect it would have on your memory. If you were to go back in time and change something, your memory would be "updated" and you would have no memory of the original scenario, so to you nothing has changed. But no, no one has ever (and probably will ever) prove or disprove anything about paradoxes for that very reason.


What I PERSONALLY think would happen is this.


-You go back in time and kill your father (I'll use father since it's slightly easier to explain). You are never born.


-You do not exist to kill your father. Your father goes on with his life.


-Events continue via simple cause and effect. Through temporal flux, you may or may not be born.


-If you are born, you may or may not time travel, again due to variation.


See, people think of time as a line, but it's more of a sphere.



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Another way to look at this is with the multiple worldlines view. In this case, you can go back in time and kill your grandfather. On this worldline, your father and thus you would not exist, but on the worldline you came from, you would and your grandfather would not be dead. In fact, if you subscribe to the multiple worldline theory, there already is a worldline out there where your grandfather was killed by you. Remember, these worldlines are infinite and therefore every possibility exists on some worldline.



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If that is the theory is choose to believe, then yes, using THAT theory you would be correct.


Both these theories are very similar of course, but they vary with vital details. What your theory states is that time is an infinite collection of lines that occasionally cross and interact. Easy to understand.


Ironically, the easiest way to imagine time is to think of it as space. There is the one-dimensional theory, the two-dimensional theory and the three-dimensional theory. What you are describing is the two-dimensional theory, where time can be visualised as a plane (bare in mind this is only a metaphor, time as itself cannot be "visualised"). However, I stated in my post the three-dimensional theory, that time was more like a ball. What I am trying to say is that time is not a collection of lines, but is rather a single line in a state of flux (and therefore takes the shape of a ball).





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As of 1995, 58% of the physicists according to another physicist think that there are multiple universes. Time travelling has to be self-consistent. A book to read back from 2001 is "Time Travel in Einstein's Universe, the physical possibilities" or something like that at the end with J. Richard Gott as the author (from Princeton University I am thinking I remember.)


It is called the Multiverse Theory, and as General Landry in SG1 stated in the episode 'Ripple Effect', "The SGC is not going to become the Grand Central Station of the Multiverse!" (as 50 teams from parallel universes were trying to come there and there were already 16 teams of SG1 already there and the others had to be turned away if not an emergency!)





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However, I stated ... that time was more like a ball.

Yay, another Dr Who fan. :)Worldlines are a fiction fabricated by the simple minded.


time as itself cannot be "visualised"

However, this is wrong. I visualize time all the time. :D But not like you think.
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Ok, nice replies to study.


Would these answers also could explain if the following theory is true:


Lets say you was in a rocket or spaceship.


Now if you travel or propel yourself fast and far enough, then you can see yourself take off before your left.


Also, if the above theory is true:


Why does it have to be fast and far enough?



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Surely that is just FTL travel? Which is impossible by today's standards. If that's not what you're talking about, then I'm afraid I don't quite follow.


TimeLord: Surely time cannot be visualised because it is not a phsyical thing? Spacetime fabric can be visualised but time itself is not really there. It's not anywhere, because it is a whole different dimension beyond that of our spacial world.


Also, when I say time is like a ball, I'm using that as an example. It could just as easily be a cuboid, a cube or a tetrahedron. My point is that it is a single shape consisting of a single reality, but it can be visualised as a three-dimensional shape due to flux.


I am open to the multiple universe theory, but the one thing I have never grasped is why any potential parrallel universe out there would have anything to do with time travel? If we were to timejump then why would we end up in another universe? It just doesn't add up. I'm not saying there aren't other universes, but it is no different to how there are other galaxies.


Parallel worldlines, however, are something completely different. But what is not currently understood is that worldlines are NOT parallel, they are together and rely on eachother. To an outsider, the effects of this would appear almost exactly the same as if they were separate, which would explain the confusion.





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