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one of the dead Imps: Montauk Shores...


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This is an actual monster, some sort of rodent-like creature with a dinosaur beak. A tipster says that there is "a government animal testing facility very close by in Long Island," but unless the government is trying to design horrible Montauk monsters that will eat IEDs and fart fire at bad Iraqis, we're not sure why they would create such an unthinkable beast.


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-Loren Coleman on August 1st, 2008-


The Montauk Monster has created an Internet sensation. It is today's #1 Yahoo search. It's been on Cryptomundo, Boing Boing, and The Anomalist for days. It reminds me of the 'Maine Mutant.' Sometimes these kinds of things have a life of their own, so to speak, especially if there is a compelling image.


Now we are seeing everyone under the sun piggyback (pun-intended) on the Montauk Monster. That's okay. We've been here before.


It is a cryptid, an unknown animal, until it is identified, of course, and that makes for a great story for the mainstream media, when they have a photo or even a few.


Joye Brown of Newsday reports today that the story is indeed real.


link to a news


-roughly 21/2 to 3 feet long, he said.- :oops:



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Venom, the piercing energy drink that strikes back, promises a lifetime supply of product and a corporate monster-hunting sponsorship to anyone [strong] enough to subdue and capture the (presumably) ferocious, untamable Montauk Monster


PLANO, Texas (July 31, 2008) – Dedicated to enabling the most thrill-seeking conquests known to man or beast, Venom energy drink is offering free product for life and a corporate monster-hunting sponsorship to the first person [brave] enough to capture a live Montauk Monster.




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Honestly, I would love to hear more about this issue and see some actual photographs. But , why people are posting Photoshoped pics right now on this just makes me realise this is just ready for the "Ed :BS: Dames" catagory.


come on people if your gonna post pics atleast verify they are somewhat real looking. These things look leftovers of a taco bell slaughter yard.





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