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Free Gary McKinnon!!!


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3 August


• All those familiar with our work will know that we know and support Gary McKinnon (the so-called 'Pentagon Hacker') in his fight to avoid extradition to the US - where he fears, with some good reason, that he will not receive a fair trial.


Please join us in signing


this online petition


which has just been started. It'll take 60 seconds of your time.


We hope to report from Gary, directly or otherwise, in the very near future. We've heard from him indirectly and intermittently over the last two years since we




him in June 2006, and he has been in persistently good spirits.





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No way. Never. He is a computer criminal, and deserves to be punished for what he did. It is NO DIFFERENT than breaking and entering someone's home, or a commercial office space, or a military installation (which is exactly what he did).


The fact he is from a "friendly country" should not tarnish people's view on this...although given Bill Ryan (one half of Project Camelot) is a British citizen, I am sure that this is clouding his judgment on this matter.





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