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The Secret of Wernher von Braun


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A half-century ago, from a windswept Florida beach, the United States finally "got back in the game" -- after the shock of the Soviet Union's Sputnik just three months earlier -- and successfully launched its own satellite into an orbit of the Earth ... dubbed after launch, "Explorer I."


Unknown to anyone but a handful of civilian engineers and US Army personnel, intimately involved with the launch that night, this would became a true "history-defining moment" -- when the launch team, via Explorer I, immediately and serendipitously made America's MOST important and overarching discovery, of all nations that would someday ever venture off the Earth ... in the entire fifty-year history of "space"--


The secret of gravity and inertia themselves ... revealed as a true "anti-gravity effect" -- somehow operating on Explorer I ... radically affecting its very orbit!


A seminal discovery ... which -- at the stroke of a White House pen -- could have re-written not only the history of science … but, the destiny of the entire world ….


However, this was not to be.


Part 1


Part 2




We also noted in Part I of this report the immediate -- and still continuing -- national security classification of these amazing scientific findings, which have both prevented open civilian research into the far-reaching implications of Explorer I's astonishing "anti-gravity" behavior for these past fifty years ... as well as any application of those findings to desperately-needed energy or transportation problems here on Earth.


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