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I'm Valentina and i'm 15 years old.. I'm from Lodi..


a little city near Milan, Italy..


I saw Jhon Titor's story On Voyager (an italian Tv programme)


and i'm very interested about John Titor's travel..


But i'm also a bit scare about he... :confused:


I'm so confused!


I would like to read all the message that john leaved


on this web page..


I'm really interested!


Now..it's time to have lunch..






(are there any italian people in this page?


I want to talk them on MSN about Jhon Titor...)





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Here you go:


Time Travel Paradoxes


The above link is to the original thread on this site where TimeTravel_0 first appeared on 2-NOV-2000. He didn't start the thread so you have to read down to the early morning of 2-NOV-00 to find his first post.


The thread is no longer available here because it became corrupt. Pamela saved a copy and had it saved on Anomalies.net.


The above thread is continued here:


Topics Limited to 11 Pages?


When the original thread became corrupt we continued the conversation on the above thread.


TimeTravel_0 also posted on Art Bell's old BBS "Post-2-Post" as John TItor. His thread was "I am from 2036". That thread is no longer available in it's original form becauuse the BBS no longer exists. But, again, Pamela saved a copy on Anomalies.net.


I am From 2036


TimeTravel_0 actually first appeared online in the UK in October of 2000. It was an IRC conversation with, among others, Yariesa. Yariesa is now a member at Anomalies.net (MysticWarrior). Here's the chat log, also on Anomalies:


TimeTravel_0 - Yariesa Chat Log


and last of all he appeared briefly on another thread here - Parallel Universes:


Parallel Universes



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ciao reyla!


mi interessa molto la storia di john titor e cmq il discorso viaggi nel tempo :)


cmq!lodi?hehe io sono di milano :)


vabbè, se vuoi parlare di questo ogni tanto vengo su qst forum, mandami pure qualche messaggio privato qui, e cooomunque msn non lo uso xkè col lavoro tanto non ho molto tempo x stare al pc!





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