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The reinhart prophecies... Hot of the press..


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This is a google finance forum and "reinhart "tells of a conspiracy that actually run with the catholic church... and he does a fine job of putting the pieces together-- If you love a good story you really have to take the time and Go Read This....


He makes a call that the stockmarket is going to crash on Sept 15----but he makes it back in Fri, Jul 18 2008 11:36 am


Here ya go...




Just a taste to get you interested....:




Reply from reinhart


"Crash is in September."




and the negative news that will move the market downward should occur


Sept 15


this organization below.. runs the show




the money laundering occurs just prior to the pilgrimage to rome and


the checks are written during the pilgrimage and the checks clear by


September 14 and the negative news leaks out (something along the


lines of "insider trading on a mass scale at a major brokerage) then


they start crossing the "t"s and dotting the "i"s on Sarbanes-Oxley II


SOX II will certainly protect the working class' nest-eggs fur sure!


HAVE FUN...... :devil:



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Hey titorite--


If you want to get nasty here or there -I will.


Reinhardt and Ishashota have violated EVERY sense- of responsible decency.


They have violated peoples privacy- collected IP's --posted them in a forum that is supposed to be anonymous.


collected emails --


Asked people to meet out in public--while wearing the same T-shirts to be easily recognized and cataloged.


The turned around when confronted and made some of the most abusive-irresponsible statements in the history of Psy-OP.




I will not allow- either of them-- to continue with the Charade--


Reinhardt is not---SPOT on---- Like Ray here says...


" Isn't every EVENT a conspiracy?"


and I will also quote Darby on this.


"People come to forums like this because something went wrong in their lives and they are looking for answers and a direction to go from here"


Both Reinhardt and Ishashota are Filthy Disgusting MONSTERS-----and I will continue to call it as I see it.


If you do not like it?


Make your Own [email protected] thread.



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As the days of our lives roll, on I still stay into the entire saga.


the thread itself can be seen here.




I have done nothing more than ask responsible questions and have received no answers, just backlash for asking.


The threads progression has become somewhat stale and lacking direction.


Ish and Reinhardt have changed policy and are doing no face to face meetings.


probably the best outcome since the thread had started.


In the most basic sense of the word, the entire philosophy behind the predictions is based on the Vatican bank and the organisations that it usess to collect money and enforce control.


Currently an organization named Legatus is a catholic organization with requirements of business professional in America that make between 4-100 million a year.


The meetup times / payouts correspond with market "events".


To sum up what is researched are companies and people with associations to the church or this organization.


Then entire premise is based around the fact that the Vatican Power structure over centuries will Enron out or Hollow out the entire economy after extremely large municipal projects are completed-so they do not need to be paid for in effect/ and that This enroning of the economies of the world are cyclical and can be used by a savvy day trader to his/her advantage.


General basic stuff, Good old church conspiracy,,,


Its like saying the sun will rise tomoorow.


I told my wife this and all she said was "well duh.."


But capturing the names dates and live individuals in the entire current enron.. is what is happening over there.


So you do not have to read 80 pages....



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Ahh... the old thread... found and bumped.




I tell you had I known what was going to transpire... I would have kept this thread updated.


And I dont mean what reinhardt has said and done.


I mean about loosing my wife.


i could have tried harder, but it would have made no difference.


Ahh, Ish and logos... what a crew of introverts.


That would include titorite.....


Strange, the things we see and the way we respond. I personally am proud of what I did.



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Well snap since I am writing this as my wife of the last two years walks out on me... or more accurately walks back and forth loading her stuff (and the stuff for her awful kids- the reason we split).


Wife losing and reinhardt- quite the combo.



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