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New Standard of rank for TTI


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May i make a suggestion please ive noticed that the forum has been ranked by posts, Ide like to make a new one if its ok with everyone and all are in agreance, that we have one for lenth of time a memeber been posting for in the forum.


A lot of us have been here for well over 3 years and i think maybe for each year we are members we have a new title.


I will leave it up to everyone to decide if its a good idea or not and what title names should be.





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Was thinking maybe fav movie title "contact" or fav color of teh rainbow or even fav song title or even TT0 TT1 TT2 dosent have to mean any thing to any one, except people who have been posting here for a number of years.


Or just a small homage to long term posters.




TTO = Led Zepplin (Stairway to heaven)


TT1 = Hendrix




TT3 = Skynyrd


TT4 = Guns N Roses


TT5 = Nirvana


TT6 = Black Sabbath


TT7 = Metallica


TT8 = Rolling Stones


TT9 = Deep Purple


TT10 =


Need one more.



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