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What is it that a man would desire above all ?


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What is it that a man would desire above all things ?


At first glance, this may seem an easy question to answer. However, upon giving the question some thought, an appropriate answer becomes illusive, as specific responses are applied to the question.


Perhaps, the answer to this question may be known to a few, however, at this time it is unknown to me.


For what purpose do I ask this question ?


The Scriptures ( The Word of God ) tells us of "earthly treasures" verses "heavenly treasures".


As a man, what is it that "I" would desire above all things, on Earth or in Heaven ?


"Heavenly treasures" seems to be a reasonable response. Should I desire "heavenly treasures" above all things ?


What is the difference between these "treasures" ?


"Earthly treasures" would be anything that dissolve's or one day will be no longer.


A man with a stack of cash...perhaps a treasure for him today, might catch fire, becoming ash and smoke tomorrow, so what value would this treasure be to that man as ash and smoke ?


So, perhaps, I should not desire such an "earthly treasure" above all things.


Is it then the "heavenly treasures" that I should desire above all things ? for these treasures would be enduring and maintain value for all of eternity, as it has been promised by God.


What, then, are these "heavenly treasures" that a I should desire ?


To discover what these "heavenly treasures" may be, many traps await, illusions needing to be cast aside, veils to be pierced, hardships to be overcome, many 'secrets' to be unsealed.


From the experience's of life so far...we know this last statement to be accurate and true.


As we trod upon the path of our journey, will we discover the answer to this question ?


"What is it that a man would desire above all things " ?


Immortality ?


Would this be considered a "heavenly treasure" ? or even an "earthly treasure" ?


To be granted immortality by our Father, a treasure beyond measure ?


IF one was immortal and in pain, suffering from any sort of misery, then immortality would not be much of a "heavenly treasure" to be desired above all things, would it ?


IF one was immortal, and watched as others were in pain and suffered from any sort of misery, then immortality would not be much of an "earthly treasure" to be desired above all things, either.


So, it seems that immortality is not really the answer , after all.


IF I was strong, then immortality may be a "heavenly treasure", but would it then be desired above all things, or second to strength ?


Perhaps, "strength" is the "heavenly treasure" to be desired above all things.


Strong > Immortal.


IF I knew nothing more of myself, unaware that I am immortal and strong, then what kind of treasure would either of these be ?


Should I then desire either of these above all things ?




Knowing, would then be something that is desired above all things.


Knowledgeable > Strong > Immortal.


Is this what a man would desire above all things ?


IF I squander my knowledge, and endeavor on useless activities, perhaps forever peering into the mirror with self admiration, knowing how strong I am, what kind of "heavenly treasure" would knowledge be ?


Even in knowing, without active application of what it is I know, then just my knowing would seem somewhat unwise .


Wisdom, then ?


Is it wisdom that a man would desire above all things ?


Then, knowledge, strength, and immortality are not necessarily desired above all things, without wisdom.


Wisdom > Knowledge > Strength > Immortality.


IF I use my wisdom, knowledge, strength and immortality, to become a tyrant, crushing any perceived enemies and make them suffer, would these then be "heavenly treasures" and if so, to whom ?




Perhaps, Mercy is to be desired above all things.


Mercy > Wisdom > Knowledge > Strength > Immortality.




IF I love not, and am apathetic to others, and cared not about the welfare of anyone or anything. Merciful, Wise, Knowledgeable, Strong, Immortal, but always alone with my treasures, ...would they then be "heavenly treasures" to be desired above all things ?


Love > Mercy > Wisdom > Knowledge > Strength > Immortality.


The list of what a man would desire above all things seems as though to never be complete.


Perhaps none of these things are to be desired above all things.


What is it that a man would desire above all things ?


Perhaps, what a man would desire above all things is to die a good death, knowing that in life he loved, was merciful, wise, and strong.


Because of these things during his life, he shall then become immortal.



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Re:Is what the Controllers wants for you!


I like the dissociative qualities..


appearing random-- yet there is some cohesiveness to them.


I have tried on a number of occasions to interpret what he means- i have gotten it as wrong as many times as right..


There is a method to the madness....I simply do not have enough experience in this game to follow him..I usually ask when I have a problem.



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Re:Is what the Controllers wants for you!


LOL, I've been thinking the same thing for weeks. And what a marvelous affinity he has for Rainman.

LOL...Recall has his method of communication. I liked it in another thread when Recall and RMT exchanged pictures and a few words after RMT told the time travelers they were stupid. Recall said he needed a vaction, RMT gave him a pic of a hand in a explosion flying the bird and recall posted a picture of a cat with a ball of yarn coming un-wound. After reading some of Creedo and RMT I can understand what you guys are talking about. I get a kick out of Recall. I think he is a cool dude.



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this is quite a catchy piece. yea, sometimes i tend to mull over what an average man really desires above all?...everything that you said is greatly desired,,,,


however, there are times when i think about simplicity, contentment[at least temporary] & happiness...


when needs & wants of man are being met, he achieves contentment at some point, thus; happiness follows...


yet & still, needs and wants of man varies and are considered endless...so i guess whatever man desires can't really be specified.....depends upon the priorities, situation & condition & ways on how & when it can be met...


i think everyone can never be satisfied in a stable manner...





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Well said.


I often wonder what it would be like to have been a Native American during their "shining times".


No clocks determining "exactly" when you have to be somewhere, no frustration's as a result of machines, or bills that need to be paid, traffic, pollution, or any rush, rush, rush, type of life.


I am sure they had wants as well...but were not as over-whelmed by the mass of choices we have to deal with today.



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It seems to me that if one really ponders the question, there are not any desire's that anyone would want above all others.


This is pointed out in the first post of this thread.


If you were seriously asked what it is you desire above all things...and it was to be granted...it seems impossible to have any one desire granted without conditions.


The answer to me, would have to be along the lines of " To be able to look back on your life at any moment, and to know in your heart that you've lived the best as you could with what you were given " seems the best answer to the question to me.


If you asked for knowledge or wisdom, or anything of a earthly/material nature, getting hit by a speeding bus a few moments later...kind of makes the granted desire(s) null and void, doesn't it?



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Re: What is it that a man would desire above all


Greetings again.


You quote Nietzsche in you posts, which reminds me of a passage in Thus Spake Zarathustra where the prophet comes down from the mountain and is asked the question, "What is a man's best fate?"


The answer (and here I'm quoting from faulty memory)is :"Man's best fate is to not be born at all. And if born to have a short life."


So what should a man desire above all? A short life. (But then again, tragic figures like the philosopher and artist van Gogh push the envelope as hard as they can and suffer for it--Nietzsche spent the last years of his life insane). :(


Thomas, after reading the exchange between you and Cubikdice, I resolve that there will be no more pessimism from this quarter. The very thought it could play any kind of influential factor is very sobering.



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Re: What is it that a man would desire above all


Man's best fate is to not be born at all. And if born to have a short life."

That prophet never met Hugh Hephner, nor was ever invited to the Playboy Mansion. o_O.........................


On a more serious note: We all make choices in our lives, and we develop "expectations" that inevitably can lead to disappointment. In a P.M. to an esteemed member here at TTI, I re-counted this story..


"""I once met a couple of men on a long-term adventure in the High Country ( of the High Sierra's ), and I'll never forget the conversation we had. They had been on their adventure for months, and had several more months to go. I asked them were they were off to next...and they replied that they didn't rightly know at the moment, but would figure that out when the time came.


I was perplexed by their response...and one of them told me " If we don't really have any particular place we are going to, we will never get lost. " and the other man said " Yeah, and we can enjoy whatever we happen upon, because we are always where we are, when we are, and we are always already there ! """


I had to think about their response, and in time their answers made sense in a strange sort of way.


Nobody forces us to feel any particular way, that is something we do all on our own. We all are thrust into trials and tribulations, and they are either approached as opportunites to overcome, to strengthen our resolve, or they are allowed to stop us in our tracks.


Nobody is perfect, and "everybody" feels down and out sometimes. It is perfectly normal. How we each respond to these moments is where the differences occur.


I had a friend who was walking in the Mojave, and a rattlesnake sprang out of seemingly nowhere, and my friend noticed just in time, and was able to move out of the way. I was in a panic, but he wasn't.


" Dang..dude..you almost got nailed by that rattle snake, arent you kind of freaked out ? "


He looked at me and said.." Hell no, that was the biggest, most beautiful snake I ever saw, Im' a goin to find it 'cause I want to see it again . " He was thrilled with the whole thing, and did go out hunting for that snake.


On the way back to camp, I jumped at the slightest sound that I thought might be a rattle-snake, but my friend, he just strolled back to camp happy as a man could be.


That event showed me that no matter what the circumstances may be, we individualy make a choice with our reactions. We either can panic and freak out, like I did, or just roll with it, and just keep on keepin on...no matter what.


Most importantly, is to remember that we are never alone. There are many people out there ready and able to help us when we need the help. It's all about taking the steps required in reaching out, and making the effort to make a difference in your own life, when you need the difference the most.



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I don't get the whole idea of this thread... Why force ourselves to choose only one thing? Why limit ourselves in this manner? Why not simply accept the fact that there many important things in life, and that they cannot be ranked in such a way?


Funny. As I write these words, an answer to the original question comes to mind: BALANCE. That's the one thing we should desire above everything else. But the most proper answer, I think, would simply be MU (a zen terms which means that the question itself was unsound).



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Beauty. We all seek beauty. It is to match that which we perceive outside ourselves to that which is within us. When there is no discrepancy between these two, a man is truly satisfied.


The end goal of technology is to control all of reality with the mind. First, we use tools to shorten the time and energy required to perform a task. Then we find ways to automate processes. Ultimately, we wish to eliminate the barriers of time and space altogether, such that reality immediately conforms to our will. In this there is beauty, for it is whatever we desire - a mirror of ourselves.


Full integration of the mind within reality by expansion of consciousness is the end goal of life. When there is no longer any difference between the perceiver and the perceived, the utmost beauty is found. This, then, is to be desired above all else, for after this there is no desire.



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Re: What is it that a man would desire above all


The heart seeks pleasure, first of all,


and then, respite from pain.


And then,those little anodynes,


that deaden suffering.


And then to sleep. And then, if it


should be the will of its' Creator,


The liberty to die.


Emily Dickinson



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