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Astral Travel & My technique


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Astral travel has been practised throughout history - and there have been thousands of documented scientific experiements confirming that astral travel is real.


People seek therapy because they 'wake up paralyzed and rigid' (sleep paralysis, a close component of astral travel) 'Wake up and see strange beings around them' (entities found in the astral plane) 'Find themselves floating or vibrating violently, or engulfed in a bright light' (sensations felt as the astral body leaves the physical body) Some people have even gone so far as to say their astral experiences are alien encounters.




And, there are those who resent astral travel and/or refuse to beleive it is possible at all. Perhaps for one or more of the following reasons:


1. They beleive that astral experiences are actually dreams. (Wrong. Astral travel is a fully conscious experience, as thousands of people have confirmed worldwide.)


2. They beleive that those who claim to astral travel are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. (Wrong again. Drugs or Alcohol actually hinder astral travel. Furthermore, most people who astral travel began astral travelling at a very young age - 6 to 12.)


3. They beleive what people describe as an astral experience is actually an alien abduction. (Thrice wrong. Although, waking paralyzed, seeing strange entities, and being engulfed in a blinding white light may be likened to an alien abduction, such symptoms are components of the first stages of astral travel.)


4. They beleive people claim to be able to astral travel for publicity, money, or attention in general. (Indeed, some people may use astral travel for such a purpose, or claim that they are able to astral travel when in actuality they cannot. However, astral travel is an enlightening spiritual experience, and he or she who has astral travelled normally understands the importance of keeping such a controvertial hobby quiet. Furthermore, it is commonly known that if one astral travels for selfish or evil purposes, they are likely to find themselves attracting unpleasant entities.)


5. They beleive astral travel is evil, and a sin unto god. (A misconception. As said above, astral travel is a spiritually enlightening and developing experience, not an evil or sinful one. The bible actually talkes about astral travel on several occasions; it describes people as being "in the spirit" while receiving prophecy. Terminology of astral projection is also found in:


Ecclesiastes 12:6-12:7:


"Remember [your Creator] — before the silver cord is severed,


or the golden bowl is broken;


before the pitcher is shattered at the spring,


or the wheel broken at the well,


and the dust returns to the ground it came from,


and the spirit returns to God who gave it."


The passage is talking about what happens when we die.


The silver cord this passage talks about exists when one projects. It links the physical body to the astral one. Don't worry - It can only be severed if we die in the physical world. The golden bowl refers to the 'crown chakra' the main energy center of the body, used to project. Biblical Scholars attribute these lines to astral projection or the astral body in general.


Those are some of the more common reasons people resent or refuse to beleive astral travel is possible. Hopefully I have cleared up some of the myths associated with this phenomena.




Here is a technique for astral travel. I bluntly call it the '4 in the morning technique' I have tried many methods over the past two years, and this one had the best results. I have written it out in steps. It involves getting up at 4 o'clock in the morning - a little extra effort, but it is by far worth it. The reasons for waking up at 4 in the morning are:


- You will be drowsy and it will be easier to clear your head.


- You will drift off to sleep much faster.


- You will have gotten up for a purpose; your body and mind will be tuned to what you are trying to achieve.


A note to those who are skeptical about astral travel but still wish to try it: You must keep an open mind while attempting to project. Any negative thoughts or feelings will certainly hold you back. Stay positive, open, and willing.


The technique is as follows:


Set your alarm for 4 o'clock in the morning.


Allow yourself to drift asleep.


At four in the morning, the alarm will wake you. Get out of bed turn on the light, and splash water on your face. Dry your face with a towell.


After about two minutes, get back in bed. Lie on your back.


You will most likely be feeling groggy and tired. Your mind will be eager to get back to sleep.


Close your eyes, and clear your mind. This should be easy because you are so tired.


Now, imagine you are standing somewhere in your room. Perhaps in the far corner. Vividly see yourself standing there. Know that you are standing there, and that your body is still lying on the bed. Focus your whole mind on this concept.


While working on that, begin a simple affirmation in your head. "I am going to astral travel. I am going to leave my body." Say it in your head, over and over, while imagining you are on the other side of the room.


While you are doing this, you will begin to drift back to sleep. Slowly, your mind will begin to cloud. Make sure that the concept of standing elsewhere in your room is the last thing that goes through your mind before you are asleep.


You may experience one or more of the following sensations:


- Floating


- Sinking


- Vibrations


- A bright white/blue light


- A rushing or popping sound


- Starnge noises; someone calling your name


- A jolt


If you experience one or more of these sensations for the first time, it may be frightening. But know that they are positive signs; signs that let you know you're about to project.


Almost always, apon feeling a strange sensation, the person trying to project gets such a fright that he/she is jolted back into their body. If this happens to you, allow yourself to fall asleep and try again the next night, knowing presently that there is nothing to fear.


If you find yourself outside your body, do not stay out for too long the first time. Float about your room, become used to the physics of the astral plane, and then will yourself back into your body. You can start exploring after a 24 hour break. There may be a guide waiting for you. This guide will watch over you and take you where you please. Talk briefly with the guide, and say you will project again in 24 hours.


When 24 hours pass, you will be ready to explore and venture further than your room. You may not even have to use drifting off to sleep as a medium for astral travel.


If, after several attempts, you still have not projected, do not be detered. It is likely you will have felt some of the sensations above while trying, and this is a positive sign. You must remember that it is a matter of willpower. You can't just casually attempt to project in a one-off scenario. Think about astral travel throughout the day. Buy a book on astral travel. Attempt to astral travel everynight. Eventually, I gurantee, you will get out.




That's all I have time for at the moment. If you have any questions about the technique I listed, or about astral travel or the astral plane, send me a PM. I will be happy to help.




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