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advanced hydromagnetic metamorphosis


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I was considering the prophetical analogies of multidimensional catalytic energies or from herein polymer quasars to the molecularity structures. Proportional quasars, I had considered quasar paramagnetic fundamentals in my formula. Without confusion the properties of this formula contradict gravitational theories, thus creating quasars in a multidimensional travel. I had the following to start:


V(n)=c/(n+1)2 (m/s) Electrocharge=PLOx(Lightspeed)2↔MagnetochargexElectron-




and where, for




4πRe/Rrydberg)1/3 and LPlanck=√(hGo/2πc3)




Electro Charge 'e' = √Alpha.LPlanckc2 ↔ Rec2 = Magneto


Charge 'e*



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