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The Atlantean Moon


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The moon would appear to be a barren grey wasteland from what the Apollo Mission and NASA has sent us but down here on Earth, do we not see a hint of blue shining down upon us? Let's first assume some UFOs and Crop Circles are of extraterrestrial origin. We know that the Crabwood and Arecibo crop circles plainly used a Universal Language. Knowing full well that here's an intelligent species entering the computer electronics age (we did send a signal). The best way to send a message back at us at the time was to send a basic message we'd understand and have the ability to decipher.


As for UFOs, we know that there are stories of metallic based saucer craft with flashing lights for example:


'Guardian' Canada, UFO Landing


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kn3IvevT7QAWell in my case, I know without a doubt that there are silent spheroid craft. These craft were of a basic 3-Dimensional form of color and shape. I'm going to focus our attention on the blue spheroid craft I've been allowed or able to remember and encounter up close.


If any communication is to be established, first think simple and use your intuitive knowledge. Why is it Blue and a Sphere?


I had a dream this morning that I found very intriguing. It was an apparition of the blue craft flying over me in the city. Than the idea of water came to mind. A lot of stories I had learned about the subject of Ancient Civilizations, "Secret Discoveries", "Secret Societies" came together like puzzle pieces fitting together. What if it symbolizes a sun, planetoid or moon.




Moon seemed to fit into place. There are claims of ancient ruins on the moon. There are claims that the moon is an artificially constructed base or island in space that had been placed or built as unbelievably fast as the great Pyramids. What if the moon, for a time, sustained an ocean of water on the surface. It would mean, simply, the light and warmth of the sun and the water equates life, as a symbol to Earth sentients that as long as we have water and the light of the sun in abundance and in balance with each other (not the sun burning off the water or lack of the sun freezing the water), than we are the life that has been created and allowed to flourish from such elements.


Either way, with or without water on the moon, it looks to be blue. A remnant as it were. Blue as water.


Now that we are aware of a vast universe with similar solar systems housing planetoids orbiting a sun (son), just as ours, the elements of light and water, life out there is most certainly possible. We don't need to feel we're alone. This is just another interpretation the ancients could have portrayed. That for now, we may not believe life is out there and among us now but that if we understood this (interpretation), it's possible.


With regards to the claims of megalithic crystalline (or glass) structures on the moon, would they have been made to further produce blue light? Are the ruins on the moon, in ruins from a great cosmic war, desertion, relocation or evacuation. Could an experiment gone wrong and an entire civilization had been displaced between dimensions?


To YouTube: http://bit.ly/hWgk3g


To Poem: http://bit.ly/eYcPk6


To Google: http://bit.ly/gj2S53



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There are claims that the moon is an artificially constructed base or island in space that had been placed or built as unbelievably fast as the great Pyramids.

Yes, there are such claims. In those claims the "aliens" seem to have suddenly had a brain fart and completely forgot everything they ever knew about the effects of gravity, plate techtonics and orbital mechanics as they built a new planet 1/6th the mass of Earth, placed it into orbit thus utterly destroying anything that existed on the surface of the Earth at the time, devastated the entire weather system of Earth, completely altered the oceanic tides, caused worldwide earthquakes and volcanoes and changed the solar orbital dynamics of the Earth, Venus, Mars and the asteroid belt (Saturn, Jupiter and beyond were relatively unaffected)."Good morning Earthmen. We're the Vogon Planet Destructor Fleet, We are your friends. We give you Luna!"



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Darby brought up something that I was thinking while watching the latest showing of "Ancient Aliens ; The Third Reich ". The story-line was that Hitler made use of alien technologies and it was suggested that there may have been "alien" assistance with the development of the Nazi's Wonder Weapons.


For aliens to be helping Hitler, made me recall this ;


"We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life [alien life forms] might develop into something we wouldn't want to meet," Hawking said.


I think that something did go horribly wrong in the distant past, whether it was a natural event or one brought on by tinkering with forces that shouldn't have been tinkered with...on purpose or by accident.


I also have heard from some ancient myths that previous civilizations may have experimented with Terra-forming. Their understandings of "creative forces" far greater than ours. Interesting idea to think that they might have conducted experiments with the Moon.


I wouldn't go so far to say these previous civilizations "created" the Moon ; as an artificially constructed base or island in space.


That they may have tried to do some Terra-forming with the Moon ??? or maybe even used it as a weapon of sorts to exact the outcome just as Darby described ???



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The story-line was that Hitler made use of alien technologies and it was suggested that there may have been "alien" assistance with the development of the Nazi's Wonder Weapons.

Yep - those alt-sci books, tapes and videos have been around since the late 1960's.What the writers of these fantasies fail to reveal in their analyses is that the aliens forgot everything that they knew about atomic physics and fission and passed along "new" information about other technologies already invented in other countries before the war.


It's true that we really didn't know how far along Heisenberg had brought the Nazi "uranium program" until March or April 1945. We had to assume that we were in a race against Germany and Japan to develop a fission bomb as both countries had uranium fission programs and top scientists working on them. But when we caprured the Nazi work we discovered that they weren't even close to figuring it out...even with their space-alien buddys' help. ;) Not only had they not developed a working reactor (even in theory), they hadn't even created a sustained controlled chain reaction of more than a few seconds.


Lesson: If you are working on a practical application in physics you don't really want to put a theoretical physicist in charge of the program. You probably want an Applied (Atomic) Physics researcher in charge.


On the serious side, the Nazi's didn't actually invent their Wonder Weapons, at least on the base component side. American Robert Goddard invented and launched the liquid rocket engine cr. 1926. Englishman Frank Whittle invented the turbine jet engine in the late 1920's. The RAF wasn't interested and the patent information went public. The Nazi's reverse engineered the Whittle turbojet engine. Both radar and sonar were invented by the British.



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