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Oh-Oh ! Should We Be Concerned ?


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Posted today in the News :


Thousands of Dead Birds and Fish in Arkansas Leave Many Wondering What's Going On ?


Roughly 5,000 red-winged blackbirds fell from the sky over a mile of land near Beebe, a small town in northwest Arkansas, and meanwhile, wildlife officials say that an estimated 100,000 dead drum fish were discovered by a tugboat captain over a 20-mile stretch of the Arkansas River near the town of Ozark, Arkansas.



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Now dead birds are found in Kentucky, Louisiana, Tyler - Texas and Sweden ? More fish kills also found :




Wildlife experts in Maryland are looking into their own massive fish kill in the Chesapeake Bay.


"We are seeing small/juvenile menhaden, croaker, spot fish dead, in very large fish kills," Dawn Stoltzfus, of Maryland's Department of the Environment said; "The numbers are estimated in the hundreds of the thousands at this point."


One News source quoted that the number of dead fish topped 2 million.


Paranagua, Brazil ;


Nearly 100 tons of dead fish washed up on the beaches of Paranagua, Brazil, on Sunday.


United Kingdom :


40,000 dead crabs have washed ashore in the UK


New Zealand :


Hundreds of dead snapper have washed up on Coromandel beaches on the North Island of New Zealand.


What's going on ? :confused:



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I dunno, what is going on? Howz about some sources for the items. There's very little on the Internet other than a few articles by Tamara L. Waters which include:


http://news.yahoo.com/s/ac/20110107/lf_ac/7555188_why_did_the_birds_die_in_arkansas_bizarre_theories_run_the_gamut (Why Did the Birds Die in Arkansas? Bizarre Theories Run the Gamut)




http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/6193860/more_dead_birds_found_in_southern_illinois.html?cat=8 (More Dead Birds Found in Southern Illinois? Nope, Just a Hoax)



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New Zealand :


Sydney Morning Herald


UK :




Brazil :


Examiner/ Original Story covered by Parana Online


Don't know what kind of search engine you're using, but hard to miss these stories when I type in the events in the search engine I use. And yes, I avoid other forums AS news sources, if thats what you're thinking. The other bird kills and fish stories have been in various news sources, including the cable news channels.


Well, we could say that the Birds aren't whatz up ( not anymore, anyway ). Although, the fish ARE up, BELLY up. o_O



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I have been tracking these events for 7 months now. Most recently, 1000's white doves in northern italy. The kicker... their beaks had blue stains on them, consistent with hypoxia (lack of O2). There are also fish kills in missisippi, louisianna, new zealand, chesapeak bay, indonesia.... I have about 30 google earyh mapped.


Consensus is died from lack of O2, either from cold weather (don't buy it) or hording school of fish using up all available O2 (don't buy that either). Lack of oxygen.. bird or fish, that is consistent. ...although one other report quoted poeple in both arkansas and texas or kentucky saying that before the birds were dropping, they heard multiple booms that were different from thunder or fireworks. (Just a quote, not my words).


Last summer, in Deleware Bay, there were 22 miles of dead fish.. happened around august, I think. Scientists said the hot weather caused lack of O2 (funny how both hot and cold cause low oxygen levels, huh?) A day later, came a report of 6 million dead fish, alligators, reptiles, etc floating down a mountain river in Bolivia. A day later reports of dead fish elsewhere.


No, I won;t cite the sources, I don't have time. Do your own research and consider yourself lucky I am informing of these events in a concise manner.


So, what does it all mean? Lets put some other tid-bits on the table to ponder.


1) A small britsh company was hired by predisent of UAE to make rain in the desert with secret array of ionizing anntena. They succeeded.


2) Obama is very non-chalant about US nuke arnsenal and is convinced we don't need them anymore. Pushed congress to do what ever they could to sign treaty with russia, under russian terms, to open up books on nukes and dis-assemble.


3) Obama cut moon program after USA spending BILLIONS, if not trillions of dollars on a moon mission. (not unlike the billions we spent in 1980s on StarWars Defense, only to amount to nothing.)


4) $2-3T dollars unaccounted for in DOD spending in recent years.


5) After a steriod injected hurrican katrina went on an odd course toward a US geograophic region rich in resources, no hurricane since has even come close to US shores.


6) last winter the jet stream split over russia, causing draught for russia and biblical floods for pakastan.


Make your own conclusions. Let me know if you need help.



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