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[Poll] How can time travel be accomplished?


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Hi Einstein,


The artificial gravitational generator is used to cancel the earth's gravity. (opposite effect)


To Darby,


In my idea, the array of nano-satellites has to be aligned in a straight line along the equator-line, orbiting westward in opposite direction of the globe's rotation.


The current satellite transmissions in space bounce all over the globe, not in a straight line along the equator hence the effect of Hafele–Keating experiment does not apply in the current satellite positions.







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If the satelite contains an artificial gravity generator like in the article below, which can generate a much greater gravitational force, will the time in it run faster?

Why make artificial gravity? Put the relay on the Moon. There's no Internet alt-sci speculation involved with that, it is absolutely do-able if you have the money, and the gravitational field is plenty strong (1/6 g-Earth).

Will the time run faster where? On the Earth? No. On the Moon? No. On the photon? No. On the Moon as viewed from the Earth? Yes. There's a complex Earth-Moon gravitational field that distorts spacetime between the Earth and Moon.


You would see changes in the frequency of the EM emission as it travelled up the Earth gravity well, down the Moon gravity well, back up the Moon gravity well and finally back down the Earth gravity well.


But that's all you would detect. A change in the energy of the photon. The information contained in the transmission wouldn't necessarily change and the time delay from broadcast on Earth to reception back on Earth would be about 2 seconds because the signal had to travel about 650,000 miles. Today's news will arrive sometime in the future as expected. It won't arrive yesterday.


Increasing the gravitational field won't cause the signal to arrive yesterday. If you magically compressed the Moon into a black hole so that you had the maximum possible surface gravity thus the maximum General Relativistic effect the Moon black hole would simply swollow up the signal. It would never arrive.


If you stretch the point and assume that stable and traversible wormholes exist and your Moon black hole has formed such a surface then, sure, the signal could come out "yesterday" somewhere in this or some other universe. You wouldn't have any control over whatever it was in spacetime that the wormhole was quantum entangled with to form the white hole at the other end of the wormhole.



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Thanks for the input Darby,


Is there any point in between the earth and the moon, that the gravity is 0 as the gravity of earth and the gravity of the moon completely cancel out each other?


About the wormhole, as you know that LHC in Europe has started making little black holes.


Is there any possibility to make the LHC type of black hole effect in a smaller scale in space, in that zero gravity zone in between earth and moon?



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