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Strange dream


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Last night, I decided to listen to certain sounds that are supposed to increase psychic awareness and other things. I then had a series of intense and very detailed dreams, one of which was particularly interesting.


In the dream, I was part of a civilization which had just suffered a vast cataclysm of the sort that essentially destroyed civilization except for a few survivors. There were perhaps a few hundred in my group. We had a space ship ready in such an event, along with a destination planet where we could escape. However, either the people, equipment, or infrastructure required for guidance to that planet had been lost, so we were unable to safely fly there. Instead, we took the power source from the ship and used it to power our remaining society. It had enough power to last a few years, but we knew it wouldn't last forever. I asked one of the people what type of fuel it used, and he told me a short exotic sounding name (first letters were "xy..." or "xyp..."), though I can't remember the full name now. I was expecting something a little larger than what I saw. The power source was a small rod about 1 inch long and 1/4 inch in diameter. A few inches away from either end of this cylinder were oddly shaped pieces of metal which aided in energy extraction. When the device was active, the rod would radiate brilliant white light. Knowing that this power source wouldn't last beyond a few years, I asked the council if I could begin working on conventional (magnets & wire) generators so we'd be prepared when the primary power source was exhausted.


I'm not sure what to make of this, but I found the power source bit interesting. Too bad it's just a dream. Or is it? :)



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