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buddism and being born again.


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You are so, unbelievably naive. So much so, that it is honestly sad.


You know how to write computer programs, and so you believe that makes you an expert on information. And you build your house of cards on that mistaken understanding. You think your prose amounts to mathematical proof. I've got some earth-shattering news for you: You haven't a clue. Your constant circular-reasoning has you in a trap. A trap that you not only cannot find your way out of, but which you are all too happy to remain in, because you do not think it is a trap. You are the frog in the ever-warming water, destined to become soup.


You need to go back to school (beyond high school) and learn the mathematical and physical foundations of information before you can ever know why your prose is empty, and your ideas are incorrect. You would do well to understand entropy, both the thermodynamic version of it as well as the information version of it, as they are linked. The following links contain information that can help you. But whether or not you will see it, or understand it, I cannot know. But I offer them not because I like you, but because I feel sorry for you.









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