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There was no God - There was no Creation - PROOF


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Hello all.








I will quickly tell you what has been discovered, investigated, and confirmed.








I normally do this in person, but here I will first write an introduction then talk to you via a video presentation.













Religious people have been MISLEAD for over 5,000 years.








Documented accounts by their prophets with ‘gods, God, or Angels’ were encounters with human time travellers - NOT divine supernatural beings.













So in the Bible and other ancient sacred texts, where it says ‘an Angel’, now know they were referring to a human time traveller.













Australian researcher RONALD PEGG discovered and confirmed that at least two modern cd-roms were taken back along with a computer and were seen back in the past, with their contents being described in Ancient Texts by certain named prophets.













Just quickly…








In a Sumerian Account they were named Tablet of Destiny and Tablet of Fate.








In Egyptian Mythology they were known as the RA-Disk and the Aten disk.


Moses called them the Tablets of Testimony and named them the Urim and Thummim.








Nostradamus was visited by time travellers and called the cd-roms Wheel of Destiny of Nations and Wheel of Time.








The Queen of France called them ‘magic circles’ and the information was seen on a ‘magic mirror’ (the monitor).








The rod of Moses and the wand of Nostradamus = a computer’s mouse and cable.













The 'End Time' Book with Seven Seals as documented by Daniel and John (Old Testament and Revelation respectively) is specifically referring to one of the two cd-roms.













Ezekiel, Daniel, and John each describe their encounter with time travellers: and what they saw and heard from the cd-roms are what are religiously known as ‘dream’ and ‘vision’ prophecies. (see video)













The ‘future history’ (aka. prophecy) documented in ancient texts is also taken from the second cd-rom.













AGNOSTICS are WRONG - as there IS evidence that there is/was No God *








(* The Abrahamic GOD as documented in the Old Testament at Genesis 1:1.)















the Creation Theory IS a scientific theory - as such it has now been proven False.













Genesis Chapter One is an account by Moses of the start up sequence of pictures from one of the cd-roms shown to him by a time traveller. (see video below)













The Creation vs Evolution debate has been resolved.













The voice of GOD heard by Moses was of the male narrator from a second cd-rom.













The Moses and the Burning Bush story is an account of what and who was seen on this second cd-rom’s Persian Gulf War picture.













KJV Bible reads as (Exodus 3:2) “And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush and he looked and behold the bush burned with fire and the bush was not consumed”.













Correcting for syntax, that verse originally read as and meant: ‘A fire flame above the Angel of the LORD: appearing in the middle - Bush: Looked and beheld - Bush was burning with fire: Bush was not consumed.’













Original Hebrew meaning of “Angel” is simply ‘a human messenger, a deputy or envoy’.













The Hebrew word LORD (YH-WH) is the ancient vocalization of the name of the United Nations when sounded as ‘U-N’. The letters ‘UN’ are seen during the disk presentation and the words ‘United Nations’ are spoken.













The ‘angel of the Lord’ ie. the messenger/envoy of the UN (during the Persian Gulf War) was General Norman Schwarzkopf.













On the cd-rom’s PGW picture, is an image of General Norman Schwarzkopf and above him - is what appears to be a red flame. (It is actually the colours of Iraq and Kuwait on the map, but it does look like a flame.)













In the middle of the picture is president George Bush. He is burning with fiery rage.













A still screen shot of this picture can be found at the 5:22 (min.sec) mark on the video below.








It clearly shows the messenger of the United Nations with what looks like a flame above his head, and in the middle, president George Bush is seen burning with fiery anger.












Here is the link to the VIDEO:





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You know that the Flame is not actually a Flame right? It's just how they described it way back then.

Skarpz,Eddie wasn't here to discuss anything. He's made 24 posts over the past 8 years. 15 of his posts are as OP and all 15 are copy-paste spam to sell books, tapes, CD's, T-shirts, coffee mugs...OK, no T-shirts or mugs.


Now, you can click on his links, go to his site and for $16.95 AU he will sell you a book written by a guy by a guy naned Ron Pegg that confirms time travelers visited the ancient world 3000 years ago and he has absolute proof.


Or you can save the money and I'll tell all...


You see, Ron Pegg accidentally discovered that the ancients as far back as Sumaria cr. 1,000 BC


committed copyright violations by lifting articles directly off a 1999 version of Grolier's Encyclopaedia Win-95 CD and used that information to write ancient history. The shame of it all. Actually he glossed over the copyright stuff but he did highlight the lifting off the CD articles part. (Remember the silly pre-Internet Groliers trash that Microsoft used to bundle for free no less! with your Win-95 system? That's the one.)


Now lookie here and listen close: You see, these time travelers with their super-duper advanced technology went back in time to the ancient world and among the most important things they thought important to drag along with them was the POS Grolier's Encyclopaedia CD...and apparently they misplaced it in ancient Sumaria. Oh, the horror.


Why they thought the Grolier's CD was important to bring along is as mysterious a fact as any in this Unsolved Mystery. Microsoft only packed them for a couple of years because the new Internet search engines yielded much more information and the information was dynamic, rather than statis as is recordings on a Read Only CD and most people immediately tossed the CD in the trash once they unpacked their PC. These time travelers were obviously from our future because, well, they had time machines and we don't. So why did they bring the CD with them?


(Push volume pot up and fade in Twilight Zone theme)


We may never know the answer but it was fortuitous for Ron Pegg and Eddie because they can make money on the TT's mistake.


I digress. Moving on...


They seem to have also dragged along a Win-95 based PC with CD drive, a nuclear (hydro? coal? solar?) electric power plant, a Win-95 PC owner's manual, a professor of the English language who incidentally also spoke ancient Sumarian a professor of computer technology who also spoke ancient Sumarian and, can you believe it?...they misplaced all of them in ancient Sumaria as well. How do we know this? (I mean aside from the dreams and visions that Pegg had)? Because these ancient folks tell the same stories in their ancient texts as are told, on the CD which was recorded (both audio and text)...


... in modern Twentieth Century American Standard English!


This explains why they must have also lost a Win-95 PC with CD drive, a Win-95 PC owner's manual scribed in English, an English professor who also spoke ancient Sumarian and an electric power plant because the ancients didn't speak English, have computers, CD's or electricity and wouldn't have any of that for the next 3,000 years. Boy, was this a stroke of luck for the ancient Sumarians or what? CD's, PC's, professors, manuals, power plants. Sorry, no Internet but Win-95 did have Hearts, Spades and Spider Solitaire whic is why we can probably rtace Spider Solitaire directly to Sumaria cr. 1,000 PC. Tit, for tat. The Sumarians ripped off Grolier's with a copyright violation so Microsoft ripped them off for Spider Solitaire...errrr...no wait (hmmm...Spider Solitaire was on the PC's HDD somewhere, Professor Plum, computer tech, taught them to play Spider Solitaire...Oh, never mind. They ripped off Microsoft's copyright as well.)




But wait, there's more! Eddie will also let you know that he has independently verified Pegg's research and conclusions - it's all in The Book. And it's just $16.95 AU (plus shipping and handling). In addition to enjoying the exciting story of Ron Pegg you can also enjoy the ALL CAPS WOO-WOO TEXT in this MS Word type set masterpiece of literary and research perfection. It's so exciting that the words literally jump off the page at you.


And the message on the Ron Pegg Discoveries, Ltd website and then he tells you...


"We wish to advise you that we have never met Mr Ronald Pegg, and do not know where he resides, nor do we know how to contact him, therefore we are unable to answer any questions concerning him, nor redirect any correspondence to him."


So, the people who actually run Ron Pegg's business and his website have never met him, don't know how to contact him, can't answer any questions about him, cannot redirect any communication to him...(Say what?)


(Roll Twilight Zome End theme)


Bottom line here? Cowboy, it's bullshit - plain, simple, wet, warm, steamy bullshit.



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