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Self immolations in Mongolia


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Notice that after 95 immolations, Dalai Lama still did not response and calling Tibetan to stop, or condemn such act. Only one word from his mouth on TV and Tibetan will obey his orders. Where is his heart? Where is his leadership? What are his choices? The chances of power and rulership of the future Mongolia through immolation protests, or love the lives of those who are willing to sacrifice themselves for him? In the time like this, you can see if Dalai Lama is really loving his people or if he cannot do what he preach...


According to Hindu - the Indian news paper, it quoted:


"The exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama has said it is best for him “to remain neutral” on the issue of more than 40 Tibetans setting themselves on fire in the Tibetan areas of China over the past year, amid allegations by Beijing of a plot and concerns among some Tibetans about the spreading protests."




Self immolation video- WARNING - this is not for the faint-hearted or underage viewers, the the following video graphic contains violence and real death scene.





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