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I wrote a treatment regarding TT and registered it with the SWG.


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It was years ago. I love movies involving time travel due to the possibilities and what can be learned from the future and what can be changed from the past.


Short version:


Genius guy finds out his girlfriend has a deadly virus that was spread throughout the US by unknown cause. Genius guy has been working on tt for years and finally gets a working machine. He travels forward in time 50 years for a cure for the decease she has. He finds out no known cure was ever found and the population of the world is being decimated by the virus. He also finds out that a 3rd world dictator retained a team of chemists to genetically create the virus.


He goes back to his present time and makes a decision that he needs to go into the past and kill the 3rd world dictator before he orders the chemists to create the virus.


blah, blah, blah, happy ending.



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