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Dear John


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Dear John,


Today, I am so thoroughly unsure what to make of all this.


My writings of last night:


"I'm unsure if the beauty of my lifes journey is the product of your suggestions or my decisions. For ~ with glimmers of joy, and long valley's of pain ~ where you have led, I have followed".


This begins my years of an open journal to you. Long hours spent in the evening of simple pondering, at a time when my hope has tarnished and skeptism has found a place within me. If nothing else, these writings are meant as a way to find solace amidst so many unanswered questions of you and life. We met when I was 24 and a single mother. At the time, I was told I was too young to be married. Now 36, married with no plans of a change, with 3 beautiful children, I wonder why this year is so important to you? Why now? My life has a direction. I am married. I made the decision of such based on the fact that you never again came. Logically it was time for me to move forward.


You once said to me, "You are so honest", and with a pause then continued "You are so good!". Like a treasure in a locket, these words have remained in my heart as a fond distant memory. Where others find destain for this quality, you found appreciation. I'm unsure if you know how much such simple appreciation means to me. With humble gratitude, thank you. Gentle smile.


The past few days, I have been unsure what to make of the things I have recently discovered. The correlation between the distinct numbers your team has chosen to represent events that have transpired for the Titors, is directly and exactly in parallel to the major happenings of my own life.


1. 177 or 1 77 Tempes Redax Rerum. I was born in 77.


2. 2036 was your time period. At the age of 36 my life was abruptly redirected. I may have a small inclination as to why. However, my previous circumstances occur everyday in our society, unnoticed. Why was I important enough for someone to go to such links in order to be of assistance to? And, by who?


3. 1975 was the year you were traveling to. 1999 was the year the second John arrived. The difference is 24 years. I was 24 when I believe I met you.


4. Based on the dates of communication provided by the video, I believe I met John 1. The length of time between the dates of communication exactly correlate to our birthdays. Of which, birthdays were very important to John 1.


5. Between the years of 2013 and 2036 is exactly 23 years. Based on the above number 4 and the clue provided in it, I believe the clue of number 5 is stating John 3 will arrive some time this year. 2 3 I believe is the code for moving on the present timeline while representing John 2 is gone and John 3 will arrive. Number 5 is solely my best guess based on logic and learning. You did say you wished to be a teacher someday. In many ways, I believe your dream has already come true. Gentle smile.


One or two occurrences of a happening can be a coincidence. 3 or 4 occurences of a similar happening is a verifiable pattern. Logically speaking, the clues you have left behind are in direct correlation to my life. In the most humble of terms and softly speaking, why am I so important to you? In this society, I am no one of consequence. I have a simple heart, mind and life. I see the world around me, and so dearly wish it could be different for us all. I wish we would focus more on what truly matters. Family first, and then each other. As it is, our nation is crumbling, because our foundation is crumbling. And, our foundation is the family. All of what is truly good begins at home. With a father and mother working together for each others happiness ~ which is their children and each other.


So, for now I feel it safe to say I am unsure. And, a small part of me is scared. I don't know where this path leads. I haven't any idea why I would be included. At minimum, based upon the years of pain, I do hope there is a personal reward ~ something of which I am unaccustom to asking for. However, if there is a glimmer of hope, I could day dream that a lasting paradise surrounded by those whom I love, and who truly love me ~ will be there ~.


Thank you John.


May you always be well, and find your way home.



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Dear John,


Today I am feeling disenchanted with the world in general. The collective ignorance of society at times is overwhelming. Truth has been overshadowed with personal will, want and desire. People choose to see only what they wish to see, instead of what is real. It is cause enough for anyone with open eyes and a useful mind to wish for the opportunity to run away to a better place and time. Pack up the family, and just leave. Small smile. Lucky you. You can. Small laugh. :)


Milk and blueberries muffins should satisfy the craving for a little piece of heaven.


Gentle smile. Hope you are well.g


Later in the day ~ I am in disbelief of what I just heard. My son is now 15 years old. Born in 1998. Is this how your team informs the mothers of their childrens future? And, is this the reason he looked at you in a way I've never seen him look at anyone before? We did not introduce him to you as an uncle. Momentary shock... Just as many other moments on this journey.


His dreams right now consist of joining the Navy, to be a Seal. Unknowing of what I found this afternoon, I have been encouraging him towards the path of black ops intelligence. In memory of his great grandfather who was a great man in his field during his life. My grandfather who has passed on, who I greatly admire. Upon discovering today's information, a thing which you encouraged of me (to seek information via technology, leaving a clue as to read material forwards and backwards. Which I have discovered includes reading information both reading backwards and going up, as well as forwards and going down) I have but one request on behalf of my son. Please include the family in this, so that we may always know he is o.k. And, if he needs help we can be there for him, just as your family was for you. As well, a supportive husband would be greatly appreciated. Enduring such challenges would be made more difficult otherwise. Just wow... No wonder you were so kind and caring towards him the day you spent together. I believe this mother should have a decent cry now... Just wow...


I am so happy to be a mother to him, especially for his future as a grown man. You have no idea how much this means to me. To know he will need me, and I can be there for him. Just yesterday I bought his school supplies. All in the colors that you've taught me, that I now can pass to him. pulling on a mothers heart strings... The son I will spend my entire life worrying about... gentle smile and a laugh. :) And, no wonder you made mention of your mother so often. :)



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For the moment ~ everything now makes sense. He is a wonderful child. He is fantastic in school, loves motorcycles and is just a neat kid. People know him as calm and easy going. He likes everyone and has a great way of bringing peace to situations. Early in his life I instilled in him, compassion for those with greater challenges in their lives. Today, he is unafraid to be a friend and helper to the handicapped, even while at school, which makes me so proud of him. As well, he will stand up for such individuals if need be. He is highly competitive in sports and is taking advanced classes, to include college preparation. He does chores and cooks without qualm. All around he is just a great kid.


Now that I believe I have finally figured out our mystery, and you have seen the end of my twelve year journey, I do ask for our privacy. He is still too young to be introduced to the future. And, it's been important to us all along that he is allowed just to be a kid. Thank you for your respect in this.


Love to all.



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