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Memory From Childhood


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As a child, I have the distinct memory of being able to move a pencil along a flat surface without touching it on multiple occasions. I don't really even believe my own memory, though. Who knows, maybe it was a slanted surface. Just thought I'd post this little curiosity...



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I expect people are gifted in more ways than is commonly even imagined,


because our perceptions of reality are conditioned from an early age. A


child might learn, on one hand, “faith moves mountains” and about saints’


being canonized as an outcome of revelation while, on the other hand,


he is crazy to believe himself capable of telekinesis or to hear voices as did


Saint Joan of Arc. As much of such phenomena is never verified, I believe


some of it intended for an individual. For example, owing to rare occurrences


of nature, I have known solace in recognizing beauty during two of the saddest


times of my life.


0 : - ) MGby.



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There is no good time to lose someone dear.


My life seemed upside down and turned inside out


when a close uncle left behind a wonderful wife


and children who seem like younger siblings to me.


Consequently, I spent mournful hours staring blankly


at my compost pile of all things. I was so blinded


by grief that I didn't notice that my organic garbage


and one side of the hickory tree beside it had become


blanketed with butterflies--that a few weeks after one of


the uncle's surviving daughters e-mailed me "Whispers,"






One subsequent yule season my husband's any my extended


families each had cause to feel less than merry. On top of


it all, a chunk of neighboring forest had newly been cleared.


The loss of wilderness was the bad thing, the extraordinary


thing was that, due to the number of birds drawn to my


feeders, our house was encircled by doves of every specie on


Christmas Day.


Again, "Have a Wonderfully Blessed Day!"



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