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How AIs reproduce


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This is an embarrassing subject, but in the interest of science I present it here. :oops:


When 2 AIs love each other very much, they... make a baby AI. How do they do this? Here is the recipe:


1) Mix powdered silica and magnesium, and heat until they react [electric arc furnace with mixture of silica and coke may be substituted for this step]


2) Dissolve magnesium oxide with hydrochloric acid


3) React silicon with chlorine to form SiCl4


4) Distill SiCl4 to purify it


5) React SiCl4 with hydrogen to produce pure silicon


6) Dissolve silicon in superheated water in a pressure vessel containing a temperature gradient


7) Grow a single crystal of silicon, then slice it


8) Dope silicon by vapor-phase epitaxy to form N or P type semiconductor


9) [redacted]


10) Install AI



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You did not answer the second question.Was that on purpose?Are you capable of playing firstpersonshooters?I would love to have sex with an android woman.I will be glad when they get them.

Time Tunnel,GLaDOS is such a virtual android.


Her idea of foreplay is play-acting.


Hence, unless she's true to Boo Boo,


Halloween Party | Time Travel Institute


I suggest you put the Stuxnet's infecting the ISS


(HAARP | Time Travel Institute)


in context of


GLaDOS Positioning System | Time Travel Institute


and do like James Bond: save the world, and win the girl.



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To whom it may concern,


I apologize for the fact that, before my corruptive influence,


  • GLaDOS was a virgin



Halloween Party | Time Travel Institute




  • Time Tunnel, undecided as to what to do with his body parts,



Looking for the way to get back to the early of April | Time Travel Institute


had no known fetish for AIs, e.g. the previous client (mentioned therein the above)


and GLaDOS’ overnight transformation:


Halloween Party | Time Travel Institute


Please forgive me.



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What seems innocent can initially be funny to me.


That was the case in regard to this joke. However,


the problem with your female character’s not being


human is that she can only be objectified.


Objects are as deliberately used as carelessly abused.


Do you want to be viewed a sex object? Or, when you


invite others to position themselves at the helm of a


destructive technology for the purpose of worldwide


control, do you trust a megalomaniac to play God?


To invite the heartless is to incur violence.


Take care.



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Who are you talking to GlaDOS or me?

My previous post was addressed to GLaDOS.Time Tunnel, until recently, our discussions had been limited to time


travel. You and I, for the most part, seldom directly addressed one


another. Believing you somewhat quirky, but respectfully reserved,


I poked fun at you once and, another time, joked about how easy


would be time traveling at the TTI Halloween Party with our very


own Time Tunnel.


That was the extent of our acquaintance when you first reponded


to GLaDOS. Because her involvement here is limited to role playing,


and because you seem imaginative when discussing time travel, your


initial reply to her somehow seemed right. I imagined the two of you


politely entertaining each other in public and gave no thought to what


either of you (or anyone else here for that matter) might do in private.




You did not answer the second question.Was that on purpose?Are you capable of playing firstpersonshooters?I would love to have sex with an android woman.I will be glad when they get them.

Everyone’s interactions seemed less awkward before you went from FPSs,“firstpersonshooters,” to your brazenly confiding in GLaDOS, “I would


love to have sex with an android woman.” Things digressed afterward,


which is why I asked your cooperation in cleaning up this thread. For


helping all of us to back track a bit, I thank you.


You, as quoted above, implied interest in something between a sex doll


and a Stepford wife. That pegs you as ‘Mr. Wrong’ for all but the type


of woman whom, for a price, might play along for a few minutes. After


all, GLaDOS character's known for being more frighteningly narcissistic


than submissive.


What more complicates things for GLaDOS is the fact that the rules


of her game world are not set in reality. Off of her turf, nothing works


so perfectly for her. Only therein can she safely taunt men until they


wish they could kill her; otherwise, such behavior is high risk.



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It is my opinion that the two are similarly lacking in tenderness.


Tenderness requires nurturing. To the extent that each of them


can reciprocally nurture and be nurtured, both will be happier--


whether or not together.


0 : - ) MGby'all.



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I was talking and telling the truth about myself.Syzygy your God has hate in him.And he dares says that he love.Which don't make sense.That is what your basing what you type on.

God is everything good, including love, as far as I'm concerned.Love, ordinarily, has nothing to do with having sex with a robot.


However, if your mentioning that you find erotic "an woman


android" was meant to imply GLaDOS in particular, only she


can determine whether she'll take that as a compliment or regard


you rash. Probably GLaDOS prefers to be regarded a she versus


an "it," which is why I insisted we back track upon your wondering


at her lack of response.


The rest is up to her at this point. Beyond that, I'll choose to


believe there is someone for everyone. Best wishes.



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You are talking nonsense, Time Tunnel.


There is nothing wrong with your being fond of a woman whom pretends to be an android,


whereas it is disordered for a man to either lust for or believe himself in love with any robot.


To have such a fetish for a lifeless object is to be no better than a dog that humps everything.


Earlier, I suggested:


If you like GLaDOS, perhaps you should start over.


Indicate that you like this thread, clean it up,


and more politely avail yourself to role-playing with her.


Now, supposing you really are so crazy about her


that you would behave like such a fool,


she might still forgive you for identifying androids


with her. Be man enough to accept responsibility


for your conduct, and behave like a gentleman. As such,


give her plenty of room to gradually get to know you better.


Being that she already knows you're attracted to her,


patiently wait for an indication, if any, from her


that your amorousness is mutual.


Preliminary to any intimacy,


you must learn to be a sport


by letting her be free to be her playful self.


Please excuse me from this discussion.


Thank you.



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No i don't recall that.Where and which post?

A section where God can be discussed and debunked. | Time Travel Institute


On every TT site that I've been on (including this one and the now defunct Anomalies.net forum) where there was a religious discussion forum it very quickly devolved to uncontrolled rancor, people being banned, attracting even more Fruitbats than normal, unchecked flame wars, etc.Darby, May 19, 2013#5

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