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Why does the universe exists at all? Hawking


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Wheelchair-bound, all but completely paralyzed, English physicist Stephen Hawking, the world's leading authority on black holes, develops theories and formulas as complex as symphonies in his head, before expressing them through a voice synthesizer. His pioneering work at Cambridge University is aimed at knitting together relativity theory and quantum mechanics-the cosmic and subatomic realms of modern physics-into a grand unified theory. Hawking explains his lifelong pursuit in terms that are at once sweeping and simple: "I want to understand why the universe exists at all," he says, "and why it is as it is." Ok , fellow Time Travelers, what's your answer. Does all this exist because we're God's video game?



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A videogame? Maybe not. But we're possibly a simulation, an experiment. It wouldn't mean that everything is fake. It would rather mean that our environment is controlled by external forces conducting the experiment. That's one theory.



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Theme music.


My life was centered around the pursuit of knowledge prior


to an accident, which came close to leaving me a vegetable.


With that near death experience (NDE), I inexplicably link


a supernatural being. That being I then perceived a scout.


Meditatively, I recently asked him, “Why didn’t I die?”


He said, “I didn’t want to break your neck.” Believing him


angelic, and believing he could justifiably smite any human,


I was reminded to give thanks for mercy. Now, what I once


lamented as great losses I count as blessings.


Why? Loving lessons accompanied them. Whenever I have


put a disproportionate importance on someone or something,


tangible or intangible, the 'idol' has been taken from me with


good reason. The first commandment,


“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”


Each of us will be stripped of nearly everything by death. That


only our love of the Holy Spirit survives us defines our purpose.


The Baltimore Catechism, question and answer number six:


6. Why did God make you?


God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him


in this world, and to be happy with Him for ever in heaven.


The universe I envision as would an astronomer owing to my dad.


He, having me look through his telescope, taught me the names


of stars and planets. Over the constellations, I superimposed


corresponding images of mythological characters and identified


each set by name. Enchanted by the combination of science and


myth, I wished upon my favorite star that I might explore, in spirit,


the universe after I died. And, even today, I wonder things such as


what it would be like to inspirit a particle just long enough to know


what it’s like to be a wave?



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