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Raspberry Pi

Phil Wainwright

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Hi there all,


I have a problem (Yes, I know, people have been saying it for years :D )


I am trying to wrap my head around programming a Raspberry Pi.


The end task is simple, I have a Pi and a Piface digital. They are connected and I have control through the piface emulator.


What I am trying to find is a bit of help with creating a very short programme. I have looked everywhere and posted on the Pi forum, but that post is now waiting to be moderated. I am wondering if anyone here could help me?


what I want to do is:- (written in pidgeon basic)


10 Monitor input 1.


20 If input 1 is enabled, then I want to enable relay 1


30 Monitor input 2


40 If input 2 is enabled, then I want to wait (x) seconds and then disable relay 1 and enable relay 2 for (y) seconds


50 Then disable relay 2 and enable relay 1


60 Monitor input 3


70 If input 3 is enabled, then end


80 Goto 20


Any one feel able to offer some help? Please :D


Thank you



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Phil what are inputs 1,2 and 3? Are they some sort of proximity sensors or something that is going to happen in a sequence?


Question- do you expect input 1 and 2 to be on together?


input 1 AND NOT input 2 AND NOT input 3= relay 1


input 1 AND input 2 AND NOT input 3 = start timer x (on relay 1)


input 2 AND NOT input 1 AND NOT input 3 AND NOT timer x= relay 2


input 2 AND relay 2 AND NOT input 1 AND NOT input 3 = start timer y


I think I am going wrong here....should be some OR in there. I take it relay 1 and 2 can never be allowed to be on at the same time even if inputs 1 and 2 are both made?


I will think about it some more I am at work now..



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Relay 1 and 2 cannot be on at the same time....


Relay 1 controls a motor,


Relay 2 controls a brake for the motor.....


The inputs are from switches for 1 and 3...


input 2 is a relay controlled by an infra-red break-beam.


So the routine is that the time values are entered in mS


Press switch 1 and the motor runs.


When the break beam is triggered, it then waits (x) milliseconds then the motor stops and the brake is enabled for (y) milliseconds.....


Then relay 2 is de-energised and relay 1 is re-energised.


this cycle continues until switch 3 is pressed, then it returns to standby.....


Hope this helps....


Thank you for your help.



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