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Chief! Your A.I. Cortana is ready


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To "Halo" Game fans:


Microsoft is bringing Cortana to your Windows 8.1 PC and Windows powered phone in real life.


Chief! John-117, do you copy? Hope she don't go rampant after 8 years.


"I won't leave you, I promise. I will always take care of you."


"It worked. You did it! Just like you always do."


"We were supposed to take care of each other. And we did."


"Welcome home, John."


- Cortana


Any 3D programmers out there want to make a 3D face for her on screen or hologram presentation?


Looks like Apple's Siri has a rival. The Battle of A.I. will begin.


Enough of geek talks. Signing off.


http://www.dailytech.com/Microsoft+Demos+Cortana+Digital+Assistant+at+Build+2014/article34641c.htm' rel="external nofollow">


DailyTech - Microsoft Demos Cortana Digital Assistant at Build 2014



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