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The difference between real and false Anunnaki


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The supposed engineers in the movie Prometheus, that by the storyline script had engineered humans, as opposed to the said Anunnaki that had been noted in ancient Africa in the Congo region and then eventually to Sumeria in the north, differ.


The original Indian from the Rama Empire partial classified as aliens or super beings by Indians from the continent of India, were not the Anunnaki as told about from Sumeria.


These aliens while very sophisticated have yet to be proven as genetic engineers.So the Prometouis scipt is technically in error.


The real intent of the 435,000 year ago in Africa Annunaki were miners of ores there.It was only at the 23,000 year ago time level that they had mixed with the Sumerian people.They had shared their genetic status and then before leaving imparting just about everything they had known about advanced off world technologies to us humans.


A simple video is suppled below.Please n know this one caution point however.These beings were gentically starting to phase out of their gentical viability manifold.So while we were protected up till this point in the inheritance a good working hand me down copy clause. I am sorry to say that Earthlings are extremely bad candidates for a continued closed society and will not stay as a society, even with the advent of continued advanced genetic engineering supplied as a solvency shortstop.Genetic decrepitation will set in


Know that these Anunnaki themselves had to eat humans in sparing quantities.This practice to *phagically supply some presence of an unaltered genetic matrix to themselves.This act to keep from fading out too soon.Sadly any attempt to retain mankind as a permanent resident here on Earth would eventually revert Earth Based mankind into a form of cannibal additionally.Please know however, if mankind were to be allowed to move and colonize on other worlds as well as solar systems, this act would save him from the same fate as our ancestors.*Phagia, to eat, to masticate food.Pinter




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