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The case of the lead masks


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Alright folks, a while ago I posted a video about something that creeped me out (not really, maybe a little), called "number stations". The video was in portuguese and I posted it with a quick translation I did. But, that thread was one of those lost in the migration from one forum software to another. I'll post it again sometime.


Anyhow, the video below was made by the same guy in the same youtube channel from that other video, which in this section "Que diabo é isso?" addresses weird cases that happened around the world.


Below I have translated what he says in the video, check it out:



00:18 - The case of the lead (as in the chemical element Pb) masks


00:21 - On the afternoon of the 20th of August, 1966, a young 18 years old man, called Jorge da Costa Alves was flying a kite at Morro do Vintém (Vintém Hill) in Niterói. He hardly knew that he was about to stumble upon one of the most mysterious cases of unexplained deaths in Brazil.


00:44 - On that sunny afternoon, almost fifty years ago, Jorge found the bodies of two men. Desperate, the kid ran home and called the police. The night had fallen by the time the authorities arrived at the scene and due to the difficult terrain of the Hill, the officers had to wait until next morning to investigate the bodies.


1:08 - On the following day, authorities returned to Morro do Vintém and found the bodies of Manuel Pereira da Cruz and Miguel José Viana, two electronical technicians that lived in Campo dos Goytacazes.


1:22 - The police officers immediately realized they were dealing with a very uncommon case. The men were laying down, side by side, wearing raincoats. Next to the bodies the police found a plastic bag containing two towels and a bottle of water.


1:38 - But the most peculiar items, the ones that challenged the comprehension of the investigators, which would be responsible for naming the case, were the masks. By the bodies, two lead masks were found shaped simirlarly to a pair of glasses. The material of the masks made the investigators speculate that their function was to protect the eyes from radiation or intense luminosity.


2:07 - In addition to the mysterious masks, the cops found next to the bodies a small notebook which contained, among trivial notes about the job of one of the men, a cryptic message:


"16:30 be at said place.


18:30 ingest capsule after effect,


protect metals wait signal masks" (Not bad translation, they wrote it like that.)


2:32 - What capsule were they talking about? What metals were they talking about? Investigators interviewed people in the city that would have had contact with the men a few days prior to their deaths. From those interviews, it was possible to paint a picture of their last two days.


2:53 - On the 17th, three days before they were found on the hill, both technicians went to Niterói to buy work related material, allegedly. They bought the raincoats in a closeby store, and the bottle of water in a bar. The waitress in the bar, told the cops that one of them, Miguel, seemed quite aprehensive, and she thought the man looked as if he was scared of something.


3:16 - What makes the story weirder, is that the area where they were found is known for alleged UFO activity. It's also know that spiritualist groups attended to that place performing strange rituals, according to the people who lived there.


3:37 - Until this day, it's not known what killed both men. What the hell?


-end of translation-


I've seen in a special done by a tv news channel, where they talked to the doctor who performed the autopsy on both of those men, and he said he found nothing on their stomach. Or at least nothing weird, no capsules or anything. They were also tested for poisons and nothing was found.


I do know that this was back in the 60's, in a small town, which lacked (probably still does) the proper forensics resources.


Some people say that the vegetation around the bodies was damaged and never grew again, which sounds a bit dramatic to me.


But anyway, these lead masks are the weirdest things, I've never heard of such things. Maybe they are, or were common in some line of work I never heard of.


I wonder if anyone here has ever heard of such things?



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