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Modern optical clocks are now about 1,000 times more accurate


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Hello @ll


Nice breakthrough.


Below are some clippings of the paper and article.


Source (Author J. Ye) :




The precision is now at about 2,1*10-18 that is better, with a factor of 1000, than the current standard of a cesium fountain.


Precise and accurate optical atomic clocks have the potential to transform global timekeeping, enabling orders-of-magnitude improvements in measurement precision and sensor resolution for a wide range of scientific and technological applications. The pursuit of better atomic clocks has also had strong impact on many fundamental research areas, providing improved quantum state control.......


The clock is so accurate that they can already detect small time differences in the gravitational field of the earth.


The strontium lattice clock is so accurate that they now have been able to measure a difference if it is raised by only two centimeters.


With this ,geological processes like earthquakes could be explored in more detail.


A new form of land surveying is possible.


"I think we are approaching the usability for relativistic geodesy" Ye said.





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