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On and on and...CIA without limits..."Narrative Science"


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No limits at all,


Here is my prediction for 2016 :


We all will drown in misinformation.


Beginning of june this year In-Q-Tel (Wiki-Link) invested in "Narrative Science".


I know there are softwares out there to write news articles by themselfes with a specific input, for example sports or buisness news.


So the big game changer here, is this Patent -> US 2013/0145242 A1 .


It describes how the software uses the internet to get its input.


It searches feeds, social networks, foras automaticly and generates a journalistic texts all by itself.


They call it an "strategic investment" and "advancement" to understand, analyze and comunicate data better.


Yeahhhh right!!!!:thumbsup:


Only time will tell when the first European Country losses their cool....it'll come.


P.S.: At least now i know where all those weird ppl are coming from lately, with their super stories made up from 20 tv series :poop::coffee:


greetings heka



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