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Investments in Space Technologies


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Investments into space technologies now won't make the wealthy any overnight gains , it is a long time down the road hopes for everyone that they are working towards.


The idea that public goes up then comes down then leaves for the next person to repeat the process , sounds like a funding impossibility.


The only possible answer that I can come up with is through life insurance. Life insurance should make exception for the policy holders to downgrade their coverage through tickets to ride public space trips. The elderly or near dead or prepurchased tickets by the insurance companies for use by very young adults, students and family members as a living will is all that I can figure.


I really believe that once is not enough. The tickets should be two flights and a week of education.




This older story also contains comments or filler that is related to earth atmosphere and space itself.


I like to believe that someday we will have a lower atmosphere, stationary not orbiting, series of educational facilitiies. Somewhere into the 100 km range above Earth, a structure that could be an assembly yard for ships that use slow deployment into space.


Maybe it would just be an overnight motel or high tech research station that we build. The use of helium is the most likely for a platform build to remain in place at constant altitude and position.




I read some things that are more for learned educated people. It makes no sense to me reading the calculus section. From altitude the gravity is the same as the ground and earths magnetic field isn't a useable , like a tow rope , item. I believe we will achieve slow escape someday despite the math of today.


So the next best solution is to pull a U shaped pocket from outside atmosphere to the round ship , then push it through to the other side.


Release the U to return, throwing the ship forward until it reaches a speed number that those calculator people agree is right. The big sling shot right to the moon. Imaginations are fun.


I like to believe that large water clouds of big volume stay up because they are repelled by magnetism and falling from gravity. The moon is in this same state of equally repelling and falling. Flying above the clouds there is often a flat appearance to the top of clouds where the base is many shapes. There must be low pressure effecting the top of the clouds. It is very cold and a beautiful sunny day , everyday. All the clouds tops seem to be quite equal in altitude. There might be layers of pressure that we are not aware of at this time.


Too high up will require oxygen. Building any low atmosphere gliding high above base like Earth (laughable , f floating instead of gliding high?) that did not crash and could stay in place and could be landed on would attract base jumpers.


It could be that 40 km's up is possible to hold a large equalized man-made base.


We were promised lunar expeditions by now and it still hasn't happened. If you noticed the date of the test findings in post #5 being 1970's and years just keep going by. It's not really the money out , there is nothing money, coming in from going there.


Figuring out the mathematical numbers that would keep a solid mass based on its size , magnetic field , equalized to gravitational falling rate so as to holds it in place would be something I would look at and say well done. Of course I wouldn't have a clue if the calculations were correct or not. I would begin with Earth to the moon relationships. The sun to earth may share a similar formula except earth rotates.


Round ships that work by balance of that nature is the direction I would like this thread to stay.



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